Backlash Respect Thread

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Backlash Respect/Feat Thread

Real Name: Marc Slayton

Race: Kherubim half breed

Age: Estimated to be 3000 years old

Speed and Agility:

As a part Kherubim Marc has superhuman speed and agility.

Disappearing in front of 2 men at nigh point blank range before killing them:

Goes through Stormwatch's training room with ease. They even comment that he is the fastest member they have had thus far:

Easily evades Savage Dragon's shots:

More feats of Speed and agility:

Fighting Ability:

In his 3000 years on earth he has been a ninja, knight, military intelligence operative, USAF Sergeant Rescue Commando, USAF Colonel, special forces operative, Stormwatch drill master and leader of WildCorps. Due to all this he is considered the best unarmed fighter in Wildstorm.

Easily takes out some thugs at a bar:

Recall's his ninja training while hallucinating:

Beats Battalion easily in H2H as soon as he stops holding back:

Toys with a Special Operative before one-shotting her:

During a sparring match with Zealot its is commented that he is a better hand to hand fighter than she is. Despite the fact that Slayton is not a full Kherubim and that he is also less than half her age:

In another fight with Zealot, Marc takes her down with relative ease despite the fact that he hadn't trained in a long time. This is the same Zealot that went for a 3 hour hand to hand fight with Midnighter:

Takes down multiple Stormwatch members in a training match while dodging lasers at the same time:

Takes down a super powered human with ease:

Takes down 3 superpowered brutes with relative ease:

Slayton also uses stealth a lot in his confrontations and its not uncommon for him to take out the enemy before they even know he's there:


Backlash's Gen-factor allows him to de-materialize on command rendering him intangible.

Backlash uses this ability a lot to disappear and take the enemy by surprise:

Another use is it allows him to escape from situations that would otherwise incapacitate him. Chains, ropes, enemy grasp etc...

He can also use this ability to infiltrate buildings undetected:

As he can mist himself on command it can render stabbing weapons useless:

Backlash's can project his ability onto other people not just himself:

Marc can also use this ability to enter people's bodies and tear his way out from the inside:


As a part Kherubim and his Gen-Factor Marc has superhuman durability.

Survives an explosion:

Due to his misting Backlash can survive huge falls and explosions without harm:

Survives being incinerated:

Survives a blast from Helspont who comments on his power:

Survives being sucked into space with no sign of discomfort:

Strength/Psi Whips:

Slayton is superhumanly strong and wields a pair of pisonically charged whips that can erupt from his hands.

Punches through bullet proof glass and destroys a few robots:

Takes a robot apart with his bare hands:

Knocks a wall down with his whips:

His whips are strong enough to 1-shot a military APC and Calobis (deamonite):

His Whips can be used to restrain people. They were even strong enough to hold Helspont in place briefly:

Other Abilities:

Telepath's get a psychic backlash (yay pun) if they attempt to enter his mind:

Backalsh can send his psionic energy through his whips to incapacitate or kill people:

Marc can also release his psionic powers in the form of telekinesis which was strong enough to force Helspont back:

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you've forgotten his sexappeal and sensuality

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