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It begins with a mysteriously ressurrected Marc thinking he is a ninja somewhere in Japan and taking out guards who he believe to be rival ninjas, when Marc uses his psi-whip it seems to be a shiny gold instead of the electric purple we say before, it is also able to become a sword. Then, we find Taboo chained up in peparation of a ceremony that will remove her armor and give it to Lilitu. Finally, Cyberjack and Jodi are found sneaking into where Jack got the SOS and run into Serge's partner Mahkinot. Again we find marc in a dream stage but now he believe himself a night and his suit is armor. He's attacked by Lilitu's right-hand-man ,Zalil, and the controlled Serge. Marc uses his whip on Serge and breaks Lilitu's control. After Serge snaps back and sees the once-thought dead Marc he quickly helps him defeat Zalil. Meanwhile, Lilitu removes Taboo's armor and releases the demon it was made from. Marc and Serge enter and MArc uses his whip on the demon and the armor reattaches itself to Amanda but for a short while she has no control. Mahkinot and Backlash's friends appear to save the day. They escape through a ship and part ways with Serge and Mahkinot. When they return home they're greeted by Marc's Team7 buddy Deathblow.

The issue continues in Deathblow #23

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