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Back Issue 23 explores the inseparable worlds of comic books and cinema in our “Comics Go Hollywood” issue! Celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of media darlings Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in a “Pro2Pro” roundtable examining Spider-Man’s love life, with STAN LEE, JOHN ROMITA, SR., JIM SHOOTER, ERIK LARSEN, and other top Spidey creators! Then, in the first part of a second roundtable, Star Trek writers including PETER DAVID, MICHAEL JAN FRIEDMAN, and MIKE W. BARR compare notes on writing for the space franchise in comics and in other media (the second part concludes in WRITE NOW #16, shipping this month!). Also: Gladstone’s Disney comics line, with an all-star lineup including DON ROSA and WILLIAM VAN HORN; star-studded behind-the-scenes looks at TV’s Isis and The Flash, with celebrity interviews including Flash star JOHN WESLEY SHIPP; and spotlights on Superman movie adaptations and some of your favorite TV tie-in comics (including Isis and Welcome Back Kotter). Bonus: An 8-page color “ADAM HUGHES Goes Hollywood!” art gallery. With a Mary Jane Watson cover by Adam Hughes. Edited by MICHAEL EURY. Includes a FREE Preview of WRITE NOW #16, also shipping this month!







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