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Orchid is a secret agent who went under cover at Ultratech to uncover its terrible crimes. She also enlisted in the Killer Instinct tournament to learn more information. Along the way she befriended with Jago, Thunder, Sabrewulf and eventually a reformed TJ Combo. She would also learn that Jago was her brother. Together they managed to put the evil Eyedol back in Limbo, but were not successful in toppling Ultratech.


Black Orchid originally debuted in the video game Killer Instinct, and was immediately one of the popular characters within the game which would go on to spawn sequels and become a franchise. Killer Instinct would originally be published by Rare. Acclaim would publish a limited comic series adapting elements and characters from the game into a comic format, Orchid included.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

A very skilled fighter who often uses energy batons in combat.

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