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In the distant past, before man first crawled from the slime, Azoth was a god on Earth. In battle with another god, Azoth's horn was torn from his brow by another god. Azoth's body died, petrifying and forming what would become known as Azoth's peak, in what would become Zamora in the Hyborian era.

 As the age of man began, the legend of Azoth was passed down amongst worshippers of the god Ibis. As they could not destroy the Horn of Azoth, they instead imprisoned it within the crypt of shadows  which could only be opened with their religious icon, the eye of Ibis. 
But Azoth, too, had worshippers amongst humanity. In preparation for a certain day of celestial alignment, these worshippers stock-piled thousands of corpses. From these corpses they created a literal river of blood, which flowed into the center of Azoth's peak, sustaining the demon for a thousand thousand years.

As the day of alignment approached, Karanthes, high priest of Azoth, sent his daughter, Natari,  to recruit Conan to obtain the needed magical items. Under her direction, Conan snuck into the Temple of Ibis and stole the Eye of Ibis. Using the Eye of Ibis, Natari retrieved the horn of Azoth from the Crypt of Shadows. Natari eventually brought the Horn back to Karanthes in Shadizar. Karanthes drugged Natari, so that she could fill the role of the virgin daughter of a priest needed for the ritual and had her place the Horn on the top of Azoth's Peak at the moment of alignment, as he performed the remainder of the ritual. 

Despite the efforts of Conan and others, Azoth was revived, but his first act was to sacrifice a human on his horn to complete his resurrection. Azoth chose Karanthes, killed him, consumed his life force, and then pulled free from the mountain, slaughtering and draining anyone he could get his hands on. Conan tried to protect the still dazed Natari, but Azoth simply batted him off the edge of the mountain. Azoth then grabbed Natari, but was distracted from her by Shumballa, a warrior of the priests of Ibis. Azoth broke her back, but she occupied enough of his time to allow Conan to climb back to the peak. Conan leapt on Azoth's back and, following the instructions of Rammon, a young priest of Ibis, tore the horn from its head. With that, Azoth fell to the ground and crumbled into dust and bones. 


 Azoth has superhuman strength (Class 10) and durability. It uses the large horn on its head to skewer others and drain their life energies. It can fly via its wings, and is immune to most forms of injury. It can only be summoned to Earth via a certain ritual during a celestial alignment that occurs only once every 1000 years, and its connection to the Earthly realm can be broken if its horn is broken.

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