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Azlyn Rae was a padawan learner of Rasi Tuum in the New Jedi order, and a childhood friend/girlfriend of Cade Skywalker. Following Darth Krayt's massacre of the Jedi Order, Cade and Azlyn were separated, while Cade was rescued by space pirates outside Ossus, while Azlyn escaped from the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Following the massacre, Azyln took on jobs hiding her training as Jedi, until she was rescued by an Imperial Knight, and trained amongst them becoming a Knight of the Fel Empire. After becoming a master, Azyln took missions to further serve the Emperor. 
Azlyn and Cade's paths would cross years later, when Cade was on the run from the Sith Empire, hiding at his Uncle Bantha home. While Cade was intoxicated on death sticks, she knocked him out, ready to take him back to Emperor Roan Fel. However Bantha intervene, and put her in submission. When Cade came to, he recognize his former friend and invited her back to Bantha place. The two caught back on old times, however, Azlyn did not tell Cade her about her Imperial Knight training or true reason for being there. Afterward, an imperial Star Destroyer part of Sith Empire, came in the system looking for Cade. After assaulting both Azlyn and Bantha, Azlyn managed to use the Force to convince him to leave. Cade then decided to take matters in his own hands and decided to make plans to assassinate Darth Krayt. Joining Cade to travel to the secret Jedi Temple, Azlyn sent out a homing beacon for the Imperial Knights Princess Marriash Sia Fel, Draco and Ganner Kieg. When they arrived at the temple, a brief fight broke out between Cade and the Imperial Knights when he realized that Azlyn betrayed them. Sia calmed everyone down telling both Cade and the Jedi that they are on a mission to make an alliance with the Jedi along with going with the plan of Cade to assassinate Darth Krayt. While Azlyn was at the Jedi temple, she was reunited with her former master, Rasi Tuum. When the Jedi council refused to take part of the assassination, Cade went to set out his plan anyway, and was joined by Azlyn, Deiliah Blue, Jarriah Syn, Draco, Ganner Kieg, and Shado Vao. 
While traveling, they came across an old Jedi from the Old Republic days named Celeste Monre, who controlled Raghouls thanks to the Muur Talisman. She joined  the group with their assassination plan. After taking over an Imperial base in the Deep Core world Had Abbadon, the group waited for Darth Krayt to arrive to walk into the trap. While waiting for Darth Krayt to arrive, old feelings that was lost years ago began to surface for her and Cade, and they shared a moment together in the abandon imperial post. During the confrontation with Darth Krayt Azlyn impaled Krayt with her lightsaber, but was critically injured by Celeste Morne possessed by the Muur Talisman in a barrage of Force Lightning. Cade used his force healing to keep Azlyn alive until he could get her to an even greater healer on Kiffix, Droo. During their arrival Azlyn asked Cade to let her die and allow the force to take her, but Cade refused and made Banth Rawk promise to save her life. When Droo's healing powers proved futile in saving Azlyn's life, Rawk turned to technology, incorporating cybernetics and a life support suit similar to Darth Vader's into Azlyn's body. Now Azlyn is more machine then woman, and she resents Cade for it. Sometime later, Azlyn has reunited with the Imperial Knights since and was outfitted with a better life preserving suit that didn't require her to wear a mask. She later participated in the party where Emperor Roan Fel was to meet with the Jedi on the planet Agamar. An ambush by the Sith came and she later fought to protect the Emperor. As the Emperor was able to get off the planet, Azlyn was then left to protect the Princess Sia, but failed. As Princess Sia was being captured by the Sith, Azlyn and her former master Rasi Tuum barley made their way back to Bastion to inform the Emperor of the events.

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