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Azazel (Azazel)

Real Name: Azazel.

Other Aliases: Semihazah, Duma, Keriel, Mastema, Beliar, Belial, Gadreel, Beelzebub, Demon, the Devil, Satan, Ruler of the Neyaphem, and numerous others Demonic names over the years.

Alignment: Bad.

Affiliation: Leader of the Neyaphem, and part of the Hellfire Academy.

Known Relatives: Nils Styger (Abyss) (son with unknown mother), Kiwi Black (son with unknown mother), Ginniyeh (daughter with unknown mother, deceased), Jillian (daughter with unknown mother), Ophis (son with unknown mother, deceased), Yidrazil (son with unknown mother, deceased), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) (son with Raven Darkholme (Mystique) as the mother, deceased), Talia Wagner (Nocturne) (alternate reality granddaughter) and numerous other unnamed children (deceased).


Species: Human Mutant, Changeling, Neyaphem. Possibly Demon or part Demon.

Citizenship: Neyaphem. Inapplicable on Earth. Potentially ancient Roman nationality.

Identity: Azazel has no dual identity. Azazel’s existence is not widely known through out the general public or populace of Earth aside from multiple superhuman groups and various government organizations.

Marital Status: Single.

Occupation: Leader of the Neyaphem, and Would Be World-Conqueror. Demonic Overlord, Ruler, General, and Swordsman.

Place of Birth: Brimstone Dimension (alternate realm which was located in a dimensional rift with a tear that was situated in Islas de Demonas and was connected to all points on the Earth). Formerly La Isla des Demonas, Bermuda, Caribbean Sea on the planet Earth.

Base Of Operations: Brimstone Dimension (alternate realm which was located in a dimensional rift with a tear that was situated in Islas de Demonas and was connected to all points on the Earth). Formerly La Isla des Demonas, Bermuda, Caribbean Sea on the planet Earth.


Gender: Male.

Height: 6'0".

Weight: 149 lbs to 150 lbs (67.5853 kg to 68.0389 kg).

Eyes: Yellow or Red on black background (formerly Blue).

Hair: Greyish Black, formerly Black.

Skin: Red.

Unusual Features: Unlike his son Nightcrawler, Azazel has five fingers and five toes. However, like Nightcrawler, Azazel has a prehensile tail, pointed ears, fang-like canine teeth, and his body is coated with red-colored fur. Azazel also has a goatee.


Azazel is a Gamma-Level mutant who possesses all of his son, Nightcrawler's powers, but to a much greater degree along with some others of his own. It has been rumoured that Azazel could actually be demon, or is at least holds the blood of one as many mystical beings such as Mephisto, Blackheart, Hela, Satannish, and Dormammu have all made slight references that the leader of the Neyaphem is a being much more than he seems to be and has had a strange set of 'ties' to mortals. Mephisto has openly stated that Azazel possesses a great strength and a power unattainable by some true demons and Azazel has even claimed that he once battled Mephisto and others for the title of "Satan". Much of the full extent of Azazel’s powers are unknown. Azazel has display a number of superhuman powers during his appearances some of which could possibly be through dark magic or through his possible demon hierarchy including, but not limited to:

Teleportation: Azazel has unparalleled teleportation powers and is able to psionically transport himself, his clothing, and any other additional mass across inter-dimensional distances by opening a portal into another dimension, traveling through it at high speed, and being able to return through another portal back to his originating dimension. Azazel’s teleportation powers are clearly greater than Nightcrawler’s as Azazel does not suffer from the same limitation that Nightcrawler does, such as needing to see or know where he is going before Azazel transports. While Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport by jumping into the Brimstone dimension, traveling through it at high speed, and hopping back out at a different location, Azazel has the inverse of these powers as he can jump into the real world for stints of time. Azazel can hold this for much longer periods than Nightcrawler, staying in the real world for up to over a day at a time through intense concentration. The distance of how far Azazel can teleport is currently unknown, however it is clear that it’s better than Nightcrawler’s limit. Azazel once was able to cover a distance of 2,000 miles (3,218.688 kilometres) in ten minutes, thou whether it was with one teleport try or more is unknown. Nightcrawler has even stated that Azazel is the world’s most powerful teleporter.

Due to his physical appearance and physiology being similar to Nightcrawler, Azazel possesses other physical powers that both he and his son Nightcrawler share including:

Superhuman Reflexes: Azazel’s reflexes and reaction time are enhanced to a level that is beyond and superior to that of the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete and are roughly equal to Nightcrawler’s.

Superhuman Agility: Azazel’s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond that of the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete and are roughly equal to Nightcrawler’s.

Flexible Bone Structure: Like Nightcrawler, Azazel’s bone structure allows him great flexibility. As such, Azazel can remain in a crouched position for a long time and perform contortionist type feats without causing any damage to his spine.

Micro Suction Discs: Like Nightcrawler, Azazel can stick to objects with the surface of his hands and feet due to the natural micro-suction discs over them. This enables him to scale and climb the surfaces of walls.

Night Vision: Like Nightcrawler, Azazel’s always glowing eyes allows him to see into the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing him to see the dark granting him a marked degree of heightened night vision as well.

Prehensile Tail: Like Nightcrawler, Azazel’s also possess a prehensile tail allowing him to grab onto objects with relative ease. Azazel’s tail could be strong enough to not only support his whole body weight, but also lift an adult human completely off the ground. Azazel’s tail is also deft enough to fight with like a sword or blunt object.

Camouflage: Azazel possess limited camouflaging abilities due to his connection to the light-bending attributes of the dimension through which he teleports through and his red-colored fur allowing him to blend into shadows.

Darkforce Manipulation: In the dimension where he was exiled, Azazel appears to be able to manipulate the Brimstone Dimension itself allowing him to open small viewing portals to Earth that can allow him to see what is happening in certain places on the Earth plane or generate devastating energy blasts.

Energy Projection: Azazel is able to generate and project streams or bolts of paralyzing energy from his hands towards others which can last for about 10 minutes at the most. Azazel can also generate and project streams destructive energy attacks as well which can also wound others and even cause a form of disintegration towards normal humans.

Shape-Shifting: Azazel possess limited shape shifting abilities allowing Azazel to disguise his appearance through some unknown means and Azazel has shown to be able to gain the appearance of a normal human changing his eye pigmentation, skin colour, and body type allowing him to appear as a normal human, which he has generally used to seduce and impregnate women and Azazel can also disguise himself as other people as well.

Limited Telepathy: Azazel posses limited telepathic abilities and has a slight telepathic influence over those around him which he can use for different effects including:

Hypnosis: Azazel is able to hypnotize others which he has used in order to seduce and impregnate women allowing him to charm and relax others.

Empathy:As a by product of his telepathic abilities such as hypnosis, Azazel is capable of manipulating the emotions of other people to some degree, influencing their moods and physiological responses. This greatly allows Azazel to seduce women.

Will Bending: Azazel is able to manipulate the minds of other giving him some degree of influence over the minds of other which can allow him to charm and relax others. Combining this with his own persuasive manner this makes him a natural leader. Azazel also shares a telepathic mental link or bond with his children through which he can control their minds to a limited degree giving them remote telepathic orders even across dimension barriers such as the Brimstone Dimension and Earth. Azazel also has shown being able to mentally control a person that is of inferior mental capacity to himself as well as the creatures or individuals that live in the Brimstone Dimension, such as the monsterous Firedancers that occupy the Brimstone dimension.

Superhuman Durability: Azazel’s bodily tissue is somewhat harder, tougher, and more resistant to all forms of physical injury than that of the bodily tissues of a normal human being as his bones, muscles, and skin tissues are all harder and more denser than that of the bodies of normal humans. As a result of that, Azazel possesses a higher degree of resistance to pain and physical injury than that of normal humans. Azazel is able to withstand powerful impact forces and blunt force trauma such as direct physical blows from superhumans or falls from great heights with mild to moderate discomfort and much less physical injury to that of what a normal human would receive as a normal human being would be severely injured if not killed. However, Azazel can still be injured by many types of conventional weapons such as standard firearms and bladed weapons.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his body's superhuman durability and his resistance to physical injury, If injured, Azazel’s metabolism can apparently enable him to rapidly regenerate and heal injured or missing cells with much greater speed and efficiency than that of what normal humans are capable of allowing him to be able to regenerate and heal from large amounts of damaged or even destroyed bodily tissue that could be near-fatal towards normal humans regardless of the cause within much less time than normal humans. It’s unlikely that Azazel can fully regenerate severed limbs or missing internal organs.

Superhuman Longevity & PossiblyImmortality: Azazel is an extremely long-lived mutant whose aging process is greatly reduced, if not halted due to the absorption of energy from the “Brimstone Dimensionas itself. For all intents and purposes, Azazel may literally be a functionally immortal in the sense that Azazel is completely immune to the effects of aging and would never die by old age while remaining in his physical prime as Azazel is one of the first and oldest known mutants who have ever been born as he has been alive since biblical times and it has been stated by some sources that he is over 11,000 years old, but it is possible that the Brimstone dimension may not have an element of time thou there are some signs of aging like getting dark gray hair. Weather he is or isn’t immortal, this does not mean, however, that Azazel can't be killed, although with his powers it would be difficult to do so.

Black Magic: Azazel is a master of the Dark Arts and has a vast amount of knowledge over dark magic or black sorcery as some of his powers could be through magic. Azazel is a knowledgeable sorcerer. Unlike most practitioners, Azazel does not invoke power from within or from alien entities, instead Azazel taps into the power of blood sacrifice and energy from the Brimstone Dimension itself for spells involving portals, summoning, and scrying.


Education: Azazel’s education has been unrevealed.

Gifted Intellect: Azazel possesses a gifted intellect as Azazel is a gifted leader, and master of manipulation. Azazel is also well aware of history and academic disciplines, and has managed to muster enough skill to build a tower in the strange Brimstone dimension.

Skilled Combatant: Azazel is a master swordsman and a skilled athlete with a somewhat twisted code of honor and ethics as Azazel’s long lifespan has allowed him the time to studied swordsmanship to such a degree that he has become a near unparalleled master with bladed weapons as well as many other academic studies. Azazel has shown that his swordsman skills are likely easily on par and maybe even greater than Nightcrawler's in his kick heavy fighting style.

Magical Knowledge: Azazel is a master of the Dark Arts and has a vast amount of knowledge over dark magic or black sorcery as some of his powers could be through magic though he prefers to use swords rather than magic. Azazel does have a developed powerful working knowledge in sorcery, as he has tutored Margali Szardos for some time in some of her magical studies.

Strength level

Azazel possesses the normal physical human strength of a man of his height, and build that engages in intensive regular exercise allowing him to lift more than twice his bodyweight, hence Azazel can physical lift over 330 pounds of weight.


Formerly/ Azazel was anchored to the Brimstone Dimension itself, and he can only stay in the real world for brief stints of time in order to perform acts such as seduction or manipulation. The longer Azazel stays in our world, the more time he must take to recover. Azazel can only manifest in the real world for more than a day if a mystical practitioner is willing to anchor him. So Azazel can only spend a limited amount of time on the Earth without the assistance of his children. That however changed as Nightcrawler allowed him to stay on the Earth plane in order to trap him and keep him from trying to take over the after life.

Although a master of the Dark Arts or Black Magic Unlike most sorcerers, Azazel has no personal power to call upon for such feats as levitation or mystical energy attacks. Most of the magic Azazel knows is based upon complex rituals, as Azazel is not able to cast magic swiftly, as someone like Doctor Strange.

Azazel along with all the other Neyaphem are negatively affected by the blood of mutants that are related to the angelic clan of Cheyarafim which is caustic to them and begins to cause their bodies to breakdown despite its regenerative properties in others. The only known versions of this mutation as of right now are Jamie Guthrie (Icarus) and Warren Worthington (Angel). However, it is likely that Logan’s (Wolverine) healing factor may also be caustic, given his relationship with Baal and the Hand of God. However Azazel appears to have knowledge of a way to reverse that curse.


No known equipment.


No known means of transportation. However, Azazel can teleport under the use of his own power in order to travel and cover over vast distances within much less time.


Azazel usually wields two Bastard Swords of equal length into battle. They are made of a strong, light variety steel. Azazel wields them with great and skilled precision, in a kick-heavy fighting style.

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@hulkbuster13: this was great.. I like azazel as a character and he should appear more often. would you happen to have a list of azazel-centic comics for me to read?

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@hyperlight: sorry I dont. Glad you liked it. I made other files on about 14 other marvel people if you want to take a look

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@hyperlight: the abomination, annihilus, apocalypse, attuma, azazel, baron blood, blastaar, the blob, boomerang, bullseye, carnage, chameleon, cassandra nova, the controller. I just finished the controller and was starting on count nefarious but my main computer crashed. Files are safe but I have to wait till it gets fixed before I was going to do more. Aside from the controller, I made forums you can see for everyone else on this site. I may have updataed my files from what I put on the foums on this websites, but their still like 98% the same

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