It's just a thought but...

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Aya is made of pure green lantern energy...which works according to the willpower/will of a green lantern.

Being made of such energy, would it be possible for Aya to stop being a robot and become a living being? Or at least sth close to it?

Btw, it was surprising to see there were no posts on her forum, as there are so many people who like her among the internet...

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i see her more as a precursor to the alpha lanterns.

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Even though she's a robot, I don't see her so "not let emotions interfere in my judment"...

But, yeah, your guess is quite possible.

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i like aya shes cool i like the idea of artificial life trying to become more human aka Data from tng.

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aya's body is made out of green energy? I didn't notice it that way

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@shadowpro said:

aya's body is made out of green energy? I didn't notice it that way

The green parts yeah.

I see her as the most evolved step the manhunters can take, yeah a proto Alpha.

But she is just an AI. She created the body, when Scar made her, she didnt have one.

Are her & Razer in the comics? I'd like to see Aya get a Purple ring. she is a "living" GL, but I wouldnt ever want her to get a green ring. Either purple or red.

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