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Axonn-Karr is an alien from the Makluan race who once traveled the universe in search of knowledge. Although not hostile in nature, his dragon like appearance led to his persecution by humans when he landed on Earth centuries ago.


Axonn-Karr was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Story Arc

Axonn-Karr's remains

On his arrival on Earth, Axonn-Karr's ship had landed in The Valley of Spirits in ancient China. There he was feared and attacked by locals who believed him to be a demon. Mortally wounded by the attack, the peaceful alien hid in a cave where he eventually perished. His remains where discovered centuries later by a young Mandarin.

Axon-Karr left behind a log of all the knowledge he had gained during his universal travels. His space ship was powered by the Ten Rings of Power. It is believed his appearance on Earth is what started the myth of ancient Chinese dragons.

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