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 Erin Cicero is Axon.
Erin Cicero was a Staff Sergeant for the US Army, 110th Airborne Division when her unit was ambushed during peacekeeping operations in Symkaria. Her entire unit was killed in the attack and she was the only survivor. Cicero returned home and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Cicero believed her family were insurgents in disguised and she murdered her husband and drowned her two children in the bathtub. When military police responded to reports of a fight at her residence, Cicero opened fire with an automatic rifle and killed three officers. Cicero held off the military police for nearly six hours before she was finally subdued and apprehended. A General Court Martial convicted her of six counts of murder and sentenced to death. 
Cicero's family and the world at large believed she was executed thanks to HAMMER and Norman Osborn. Cicero and two other females who were also convicted of heinous crimes by military courts would work for the Origins Corporation and General Ryker. The villain known as Zzzax would be captured by a special SHIELD unit called the Hulkbusters led by Agent Clay Quartermain, Agent Cheesecake, Agent Crimson and the She Hulk. The Hulkbusters also captured many of the Hulk's greatest foes including the Abomination and the Glob. These villains were held captive and samples of their metahuman tissues became property of HAMMER when SHIELD was disbanded. The Origins Corporation and the head of the installation, General Ryker would be bankrolled by Norman Osborn to transplant superhuman DNA into normal humans. The neuro-electric powers of Zzzax was transplanted into Erin Cicero and dubbed Axon. The bio-electric Axon and her two companions, Aberration and Axon would travel to Death Valley to hunt down Lyra.   
 Axon kills ARMOR Agent Alex Erde.
Axon acted as leader of the group and would shoot down the shock carrier being flown by ARMOR Agent Alex Erde and Lyra. Alex Erde is seriously injured and eventually killed when Axon hits him with a surge of energy and drains his life force. Lyra was detained by Morass and Aberration when Axon summoned their radio controlled dropship. Lyra was able to get stronger when she remains calm and was able to break free. Lyra smashes the transport ship and runs off into the desert. Axon orders the other two superhuman females to split up and search for Lyra. Morass would be killed in battle with Lyra and the gamma beauty leaves a message of "dead women" scribed onto the body of their fallen comrade. Axon is starting to get weaker while in the desert and needs bio-electric energy to replenish herself. Axon drains the energy from a mouse but that's not enough so she ends up draining some of the energy from Aberration. 
 Axon absorbs Lyra's powers.
The two female killers find the town of Badwater and Axon kills the local sheriff. Axon and Aberration threaten to kill every citizen in Badwater if Lyra does not come out. Lyra climbs out of a manhole and comes into conflict with Aberration. Axon detains the town folk with her powers when Lyra ends up killing Aberration by smashing her head in with a metal pipe. Axon threatens to murder everyone in Badwater if Lyra does not allow Cicero to absorb her gamma sight and mind. Lyra is unable to penetrate Axon's bio-electric field and allows the female version of Zzzax to absorb her gamma radiation. Lyra would turn the table on Axon by making her angry and telling her she couldn't hack it as a soldier. Axon was unaware that when she absorbed Lyra's power, she also absorbed her weaknesses. Axon was getting weaker when she got angrier and Lyra took advantage. Axon expended too much bio-electric energy and could barely stand. Axon is terminated by ARMOR when she failed to secure her targets and exceeded elimination quotas. 

Powers & Abilities:  

Axon possessed the powers of Zzzax and was capable of surrounding herself with a bio-electric field. Axon could attain flight, fire bolts of electricity and absorb the energy of living animals and human beings to replenish her strength and power.

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