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First Axis

During World War II, German, Japanese and Italian super spies banded together to attack America including Ubermensch the superhuman, Gundra the Valkyrie, father-son team Horned Owl and Fledermaus, Kamikaze the human missile, Sea Wolf, and Usil the archer. Together they fought the Young All-Stars multiple times and had a few run-ins with the All-Star Squadron.

The Axis’ goal was to decrease American moral by killing the American Mystery Men. They succeeded in killing hero T.N.T leaving T.N.T’s sidekick, Dyna-Mite alone and powerless. Originally, Tsunami had been the Japanese representative, but she had a change of heart and joined the Young All-Stars and was replaced by Kamikaze. In a later battle Fledermaus was killed by Fury when Tisiphone took over Fury’s body. In another battle, Gundra used her lance to kill the reformed Tigress.

Modern Axis

Axis America was brought together by Manson and his organization, the Clockwatchers. Axis were disguised behind a commune called Safe Haven which was run by Shepherd and Vela. Manson decided to create the Axis to retrieve one of his prized operative: Faith, who had left his service and joined the JLA. Safe Haven was used as the catalyst to draw the JLA in for destruction (and to coerce Faith into returning to Manson). Manson used Axis America to rig a false explosion and gave the illusion that Safe Haven had been recklessly destroyed by the JLA. Then Manson used a "mnemonic conjurer" called the Mouth to make the JLA members believe in their guilt. Meanwhile, the remaining JLA member engaged in combat with Axis, who was led by Shepherd (now Übermensch II). His wife took the name Hel, and they were joined by Great White, Zaladin and Fleshburn. Unlike their predecessors, this team appeared to be American natives, but held the Nazi ideals of "purity, cleanliness and order".


First team

  • Übermensch – super speed, super strength, impervious

  • Horned Owl and Fledermaus – highly trained athletes and combatants

  • Gundra – Valkyrie with a Spear of Destiny, master swordsman, rode a winged horse called Stormwind

  • Sea Wolf – werewolf who could breath underwater

  • Usil – archer

  • Kamikaze – super speed, flight

Second Axis

  • Übermensch II – super strength and invulnerability

  • Hel – swordsman

  • Great White – energized bull whip

  • Zaladin – scimitar-wielding mystic

  • Fleshburn - pyrokinetic

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