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The Awareness is an alien creature that was co-created with the occurrence of the Big Bang. While the Big Bang wiped out all of its kind, it also endowed the single alien that was left of the entire race with a cosmic power that allowed him to absorb minds. Thus he became a powerful mind-absorbing creature that has absorbed several thousands of world before the Elders tried to stop it.

Unable to defeat the Awareness the Elders searched throughout the galaxy for heroes who could stand against this universal threat. They decided to contact Deadpool to form his Deadpool Corps and together they would attempt to stop the Awareness. When the awareness notices the Deadpool Corps he tries to absorb them, but the Deadpools their minds are to chaotic and full of bull****. So he decides to use their own minds against them and have them be defeated by their own minds. Just when it seems that the Awareness has once again defeated his enemies, Headpool, who was left unnoticed by the Awareness due to being already dead, pulled the plugs and somewhat de-powered him.
As a last resort the Awareness unleashed his body guard, Protector-bot, upon the Deadpool Corps, but he was quickly disabled. The Awareness pleaded for mercy from the Corps, explaining that he was the last of his kind, and his grief set him on this quest for revenge.
Lady Deadpool however had no ears for this and killed him.

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