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Lots of fun.

This review will be a lot like the point one review where I break down each section and then give my thoughts on each part.

Hope vs Scarlet Witch

This story is by Kieron Gillen with art by Jim Cheung it takes place in Kun-Lun. With this whole series the whole problem has been that the stories end to quickly or doesn't offer a satisfying ending. But this story does offer a satisfying ending with at first it seems like it going to be a poor ending but it does deliver a satisfying ending. This issue also showcases how powerful both of these characters are with at one point both of them nearly destroying the world. Some of the lines in this issue are pretty good as well my favourite being "No more nose!". The only downside of this story is that it falls to them problem as every other of these fights that they are too short and maybe they could have gone on longer. The art by Jim cheung is awesome as always and that splash page woah too awesome for words. This is a solid story which is fun and has some great artwork but unfortunately falls to the problem of all of the other fights that they end too quickly.

4 stars

Cyclops vs Captain America (in verbal abuse)

This is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Jim Mahfood. This story is basically Cyclops and Captain America throwing insults at each other and it is hilarious. Basically the insulting each others about whats happened to them their girlfriends and there powers. My favourites being "Why don't you dress as Nomad again and watch your book get almost cancelled" and "why don't you go dress Rick Jones as Bucky again and creep Everybody out". Those lines were priceless and the artwork for this issue really fits the tone and makes this story funnier than it would have been with a different artist. In conclusion this is a good bit of honest fun with artwork that only enhances the story and it's jokey sense to it.

5 stars

AVX Science battle!

This story is written by Kathryn Immonen and has art by Stuart Immonen. This story has Hank Pym, Madison Jefferies, Dr nemesis, Lianado davinchi, Kavita Rao, Iron man, Black Panther, Beast and best of all Broo! This is just so much fun it's just one page but its a whole load of fun their just all arguing over scientific theories and you have no idea what's happening. The art is spectacular I just want to take it out of the book and hang it on the wall it's just so good. In conclusion it's freaking awesome great art and a whole lot of fun.

5 stars.

I liked it so much here it is!

Captain America vs Havok

This story is written and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. This is one page splash panel story it’s basically Havok blasting Captain America and Cap being thrown backwards that’s the what happens yes it’s well drawn it’s Mike Deodato he draws awesome splash pages but it’s basically advertising Uncanny Avengers it would be perfect for a poster though. Their best attempt at a joke is Winner Havok because the X-office put this book together” not a great joke. In conclusion this is poster fodder plain and simple either that or promo art to Uncanny Avengers but the art work is great.

3 stars

Hulk vs Domino

This story is written and drawn by Ed McGuiness. This story is hard to describe it’s fun an gets a fight done in two pages it’s just plain weird how they do it. This is an attempt at showing how wacky the power of Probability altering is What happens is Domino is ambushed by Red Hulk and then we go into a Hulk Biology lesson! Where it seems a small version of Domino hits the Red Hulk on the pressure points in the end knocking him out it just seems a bit weird and wacky. The art is solid for two pages I have no real gripes with the art at all. In conclusion this story offered a solid fight if a little wacky the art’s good and it achieves a satisfying ending in two pages.

4 stars

Toad vs Jarvis

This story is written by Christopher Hastings and has art by Jacob Chabot. This story takes place in Avengers Tower now loved this story it’s just so darn fun. Jarvis is a great character and I wish he was used more often and it’s great to see him getting his own story. This story has a great characterization of him with him complaining at toad about his cleaning up and how messy he is. This story gets a whole fight done in one page and it’s a whole load of fun. The artwork in this issue really fits the tone well and the facial expressions on Jarvis’s face are just perfect. In conclusion this story is fun and gets a fight done in a whole page and has some great art.

5 stars

Spider-woman vs X-women

This story is written by Jeph Loeb with art by Arthur Adams. This is another one page story and it’s possibly the worst in the whole book. The whole premise of the fight is Hawkeye is dreaming about Spider-woman beating up the X-men women and then it’s interrupted by captain America who takes Hawkeye away to fight. I really don’t like this fight one because it’s not a proper fight because it’s not real and it gets interrupted by Captain America I also don’t like the way Hawkeye is characterized in this yes he’s always been a bit of a jerk but not like this it’s in poor taste. The artwork is much better Arthur Adams does some solid pencils and the emotion on characters faces is captured well and the effects around Hawkeye’s dream are pretty good although all the X-women are pulling the same first. In conclusion this story is in poor taste and does not put Hawkeye in a good light but the art is decent.

2.5 stars

Iron fist vs Iceman

This story is written by Jason Aaron with art by Ramon Perez. This is atwo page story and is a little more hard-core than the previous fights as in the outcome isn’t very funny. It’s interesting to see and it’s great to see Iceman’s new power set put to good use. This fight also has a satisfying ending unlike the previous fight. The art by Ramon Perez is decent and I’ll be interested to see how he does on Wolverine and the X-men. In conclusion this fight is a little more brutal than previous fights and has a satisfying ending and has some decent art.

5 stars

Squirrel Girl vs Pixie

This story is written by Dan Slott with art by Katie Cook. This another one page story and one of the best stories in the whole book this page is a whole lot of fun it’s basically Pixie and Squirrel girl playing with little figures that are Avengers and X-men now I won’t go into the details but this is pretty funny because these fights with the mini figures are exactly the same as in Avx 1 and the outcome is the same. Now I wouldn’t say this is a proper fight because there isn’t really a winner but it is really funny what the outcome is. The art fits the silly nature of the story really well with everyone having huge eyes and massive heads. In conclusion this story is a whole load of fun with some great art in it but I can’t give it a 5 because it didn’t have a proper winner but this is still one of the best fights in the book.

Because I couldn't explain the whole thing here it is.

4 stars in total.

Tell me what you think of the stories I've included in the comments.

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Fair and Balanced. Excellent Review!

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@thanosrules: Thanks again.

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