zexion_armando's AVX: VS #3 - The Thing vs. Colossus; Black Widow vs. Magik review


So I assume that whatever was hindering the main AvX arc, was also hindering this series too. Cause we finally get an issue that is good, interesting, and doesn't end in a head scratching "How did they win?!" cop out.


What really works in this issue is the art and the dialog. I love how Black Widow and Magik talked in (What I assume is) Russian in between breaks of english, which I felt gave the fight more authenticity and a nice cool factor. Same goes for the lame jokes from the Thing. I thought the art for the Black Widow/Magik section would be bad, based on their cover art, but it was a nice surprise. Its really enjoyable. And like I said earlier, the fights had actual purpose and were interesting, with minimal nonsense (Magik's win was a little off center, but we all knew she would beat Widow anyway).


For a series that hates story, it certainly loves talking about the story, lol. Its whole Raison D'Etre is to be fighting, which is fine by me, but at least they should fire the guy who does the introduction.


This issue is what made me finally like a VS title from this series, and I'm hope it keeps this momentum. Especially as the fights become more varied in the coming issues. Plus I love the variants. Everyone should at least take a look at it, its worth a read.

Posted by KainScion

the russian talking annoyed the crap out of me

Posted by broo1232

There just trying to get you try to buy the marvel comics app, it's a money making scheme.

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