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Overview: The Last chapter in the entire AvX saga is here as Consequences 5 wraps it all up and sets the stage for Marvel Now.

The Good: the Story itself was fairly solid. I enjoyed seeing Scott's dark side as he made sure to deal with the prisoners and prison warden he felt was bigots against mutants. The Prisoners being the ones to kill Jake got sent to a prison where they couldn't hurt anyone, and the Warden got his Mutant hated prison shut down and a constant reminder of what happens should he try to hurt another mutant. It is a direct continuation of the X-tinction team that Gillen was building in Uncanny X men, who were tired of being bullied decided they would get their hands dirty so others didn't have too.

The note he left to Wolverine was good, it stated a more humane side to what he was doing and proved he was still a good guy at least in some sense of the word, the ending scene also was good.

The bad: First thing, the worst thing of the whole issue in my opinion was the Art. I am sorry and i try hard not to diss the artist too much because well that's alot harder job then 90 percent of the readers give them credit for. Still the art was terrible to me and it really hurt the over all quality of the issue. It also seemed to have a lack of excitement that the other issues were building up too (or so it seemed) Again it proved to be just another step into the Marvel now universe which isn't totally bad as long as Marvel Now doesn't blow ass. Also the Hope part seemed a bit pointless to me, i guess i can understand a bit why it was added but honestly i think they could of tossed that and gived us a few more pages of Danger, Magik & Magneto actually fighting some prison guards or something to add to the action.

That also brings up the whole Iron man story line that has been in the last two books of this series and how pointless it felt, you only hoped it would come to some big important thing in this book but it wasn't even included.

The Verdict: It's a good book, it really is. Nice book showing the direction of the X men franchise in the coming months (or years) it shows the dark and bright side of Cyclops and how they go hand and hand with each other. I would suggest it to any big X man fan, the whole series is a good read so go pick it up and get ready for Marvel now!

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

How did you get this issue early?

Posted by McKlayn

@haydenclaireheroes: my uncle runs a comic book shop, his shipment always comes in a day early so he can have them on the shelves the next day, so i always help him put them up and he lets me read a few while we are doing it lol

Posted by Lokheit

Nice read and globaly I enjoyed this story arc. I ove Cyclops final quote as it's been a long time since the X-Men were tryly feared and hated and still saving the world.

My only problem is we don't get to see how Emma ends up working with Cyke's team again as last time she wasn't very happy.

Posted by McKlayn

@Lokheit: agreed, the X men will be feared just like they were for so many years. If it's done right this will be a great time for X men

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