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Hypricrisy at it's worst!

Scans and Summary can be found here

The Good

Consequences- Here we see Wolverine and his students attempt to aid Wakandan and almost get shot because he’s so dumb. Storm also tells us she’s now a criminal in Wakanda because she chose her team over her husband/king and subjects.

Cyclops is carted off to jail by mutant haters and placed in a mutant only wing. His physical abuse at their hands is a prime example of what Magneto, Emma Frost and Scott have been spouting for awhile. They will NEVER accept mutants whether criminal, hero or otherwise! The hunt for the extinction team is also expected given the events of Avengers Vs. X-men #12. Colossus, Magneto and Magik are still at large while Emma and Scott have been captured and Storm is given amnesty because of her betrayal.

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Can someone please contact marvel editorial and tell them nobody on earth, heaven or hell is buying Wolverine’s condescending “I’m the new leader of mutant kind” bull$*** while condemning Cyclops actions in AVX! Is this mass murdering midget really going to lecture Scott on what’s right or wrong? Everything Scott did was for the betterment of his race and on a side note the Phoenix 5 were making earth a better place until Wolverine and his Avengers buddies mucked everything up! Most of Wolverines killings are personal, biased trivial $*** he should be locked up in prison for! Let me count to ten because this right here is pissing me off!

Hate- At this point I’m convinced Captain America/Steve Rogers is a secret mutant hater. He defeats Scott then just hands him over to be sent off to prison? Scott will be put in general population without powers after all the good he’s done? They didn’t even send him to the raft for Christ sake or even check where the hell they were sending him. (Shakes head) This mutant as minorities’ symbolism is a bit on the nose right now……..is this what the writers at marvel think of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims etc?

Wakanda- Someone explain to me how stupid would you need to be to fly in Wakandan airspace with a plane full of children? Let’s recap Wakanda is a self contained nation fiercely xenophobic and more so after Doomwar and AVX. If he was their alone or with veteran heroes it would make sense but this is utterly unacceptable.

Ticking Time Bomb- So let me get this straight the mutie haters are going to house the new criminals from said species in the same place as the man who resurrected their race? They do realize if Scott wants he could inspire a riot like they have never seen? On another note, did no one learn anything from the “Raft”? Housing super criminals together always works out so well!

Scarlet Witch- Once a favorite character of mine but the pat on the shoulder she gets for decimating a race and killing thousands because Captain America has been inside her s***** is the very worst thing they could have done for her. Apparently it’s cool to kill people if you’re an Avenger but for X-men that’s reason for imprisonment.

The Ugly

A bit predictable given how Avengers vs X-men #12 ended but for any mutant fan this is the worst case scenario we have dreaded since you first picked up the book whether five years ago or twenty. Mutants are hated more now than before despite their best efforts and Captain America is handpicking which ones are worthy or trust and forgiveness. This issues raises many question and I can see how this will blow up in Caps face soon enough 3/5

Posted by thatlad

I agree with pretty much everything you said but history is written by the victors. So the crazy woman becomes heroine scarlet witch, the poxy little kid with poorly written powers becomes the saviour of mutant kind, the murdering psychopath becomes a head teacher/new prof x, the jack booted facist thug has become a patriot....and the true saviour who put everything including his 'humanity' on the line for his race is an enemy bigger than doom/magneto/thanos. Marvel had an opportunity to go deep and meaningful here but welched

Posted by thatlad

Oh except the wakanda thing. Wolverine fought beside wakanda in doom war against 'Scott's wishes' and all throughout a vs x. They've been avengers and beast (also part of wolverines school) is pals with t'challa. In my mind this was just lazy writing

Posted by Ryonslaught

@thatlad:Amen! Marvel missed an opportunity big time by not going deeper than surface level with this story!

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