cafeterialoca's Avenging Spider-Man #8 - Ends of the Earth; Epilogue review

Really disappointing

I'm a huge Silver Sable fan, and that was enough to get me to buy this issue, but this just flat out was disappointing. Not only was the story cramped enough, but there was barely any room for the moments to breathe. Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, a wedding, it was too much for an issue that should have been a sendoff for Silver Sable, and her moment was much too brief.

I'm conflicted. On one hand, how many characters get send off issues? On the other, this felt horrendously paced. I mean, the book just didn't have enough room for Sable and Spider-Man to have a heart to heart conversation, something that almost all the previous Avenging Spider-Man issues provided.

I'm sorry, but this issue made the Silver Sable loss wond sting more than it helped, not because it made you miss the character more, but because it was barely a remembrance at all.


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