Avenging Spider-Man #4

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After three issues of Spider-Man teaming up with Red Hulk (with Joe Madureira), the team-up action continues with Hawkeye.

The Good

Spider-Man and Hawkeye are two characters that often crack jokes (Spider-Man more so than Hawkeye). We haven't seen a lot of interaction between the two even though they've both been on the Avengers and New Avengers. The set up is Captain America wants them to go out on patrol. This isn't anything new to Spider-Man but it's not something that Hawkeye is used to. As you can expect, especially with Zeb Wells writing, we're bound to get loads of humorous moments.

Wells gives details that you don't normally think about or see mentioned in comics. When dealing with street level bad guys while out on patrol, there are some things that need to be considered. Spider-Man understands this.

We also get to see a little into who Hawkeye is. What goes on in his head. This is a guy that has been with the Avengers from pretty much the beginning. He's a guy with a bow and arrows and you have to wonder how he keeps up with the rest of a team full of superpowered heroes.

The Bad

We have a big departure from Joe Madureira's art. That's not an issue but we have the famous Greg Land grins through out the issue. There's also something off with the way Hawkeye was written. It could be the smug smiles but he comes across as a pretty big jerk (to put it lightly). Hawkeye is a character that has lead several big teams including the Avengers and Thunderbolts. Here, he can't even handle fighting low level bad guys with Spider-Man. Spider-Man has to tell and explain things to him. The ending was also a little too much.

The Verdict

I've enjoyed the first three issues of this series but this one doesn't live up to the standards we've now developed. It isn't just because we don't have Joe Maureira's art and have Greg Land's instead. The combination of the art and the way Hawkeye is portrayed here comes across as annoying. There were some fun moments but they were out weighed by Hawkeye's attitude and ineptitude. I was looking forward to a team up with just Spider-Man and Hawkeye but sadly, this wasn't how I wanted it to be.


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