cafeterialoca's Avenging Spider-Man #2 - More! review

Extremely overrated

Tell me if you heard this story before:

"Two heroes get stranded on an alien planet, and realize that one alien side is in trouble. Another good guy insults the opposing alien race and is interpreted to a duel to the death in a battle arena, and a hero seems to be slain as a cliffhanger."

Does this sound familiar? Like every Saturday Morning Cartoon tends to do? Congratulations. You know everything there is about this book.

It may seem like I'm being harsh, but the amount of uninspired and downright lazy attitude that both the writer and artist display with this book does not deserve this all star praise. Sure, Spider-Man, JJJ and Rulk may say a smirk worthy line, but you seen this before. The uncreative approach to the situation for a book of $4 should not be encouraged.

As for the art? Sure, it's pretty, but the book lacks any backgrounds and causes much confusion. There's a scene where one hero steps in for the rescue, but with no establishing shots of the setting or where the other heroes are coming from, they just appear in this dark grey space to save the day.

Honestly, I'm flabbergasted. If this is what is passing for 5 star book for people, then I might as well just give up. Because it seems that all you need to have people praise your book is Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, the much more exceedingly clever written X-Club gets a 2 star review...

Posted by RedR0bin

I feel like this is the only honest review. Kept me from buying the comic and saved me a few dollars

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@RedR0bin: I try to not let outside opinion affect my own.

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