theacidskull's Avenging Spider-Man #19 - Bad Dreams review


This is a legitimate question, why isn't yost writing superior spider-man? this is, by far one of THE best titles in all of MARVEL now, honestly, i LOVE it, i can't believe how well yost has been doing one this. This is going to be a short review but seriously, this was amazing( PUNS)

Anyways, to start off, i'd say that unlike most titles, avenging is mostly about fun, and it of course is exactly that, but, unlike the original superior spider-man title, ocks character development is much greater here than it is in the other titles. We explore his childhood in such a fun and interesting way that i makes you crave more. the sequences of Ock confronting his Father was really neat, and i really enjoyed it, even though, as mentioned before, i don't like the superior spider-man fiasco.

Moreover, peters appearances aren't overused. In this issue, peter made ONE but critical appearance, and this has been yet another awesome foreshadowing of whats to come, which has been dropped by Yost through his series. Unlike the main title, pete isn't complaining about everything.

As for The guest stars, yost always manages to writer everyone in character, in this case, it's sleepwalker, who helped spider-man out in his dire time. as for the art? there is not much to say other than the fact that it is simply amazing( AGAIN?), the fight scenes are energetic, not mention when it's mixed with the coloring and character design.

In short, this is an awesome Book, and you should pick it up, or don't, if you want to miss out on this great title.

Recommendation: *puts On Glasses* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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