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Best Marvel Now Comic Thus Far!

The Good:

Everything! Everything about this issue was incredible. The art courtesy of Mr Checchetto was phenomenal and Yost is proving yet again that he can write Superior better than Slott himself. I have absolutely no gripes with anything in this issue at all. It had humor, art, a brilliant team-up, interaction and a villain powerful enough to pose enough of a threat physically and scientifically that it made sense for two such different hero's to work together. The thing that impressed me most was how organic it all was. Nothing felt forced. I could rant on and on about why I liked it so much but i'll leave it there.

The Bad:

For the first time ever I have nothing bad to say about a comic in a review......I must be ill

The Verdict:

5 stars. There is nothing bad about this issue at all and it should be the bar that both art and writing should be held to for all the other Marvel Now! titles.

Posted by TheAcidSkull


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