serberus08's Avenging Spider-Man #10 review

A Tall Order To Fill

This issue of Avenging Spiderman was a nice conclusion to the previous issue. They introduced a new twist on a new character, without spoiling, and managed to keep the same lighthearted nature of Spidey. I like the new direction of Ms. Marvel becoming the new Captain Marvel, it has a nice fit and Terry Dodson does her justice in this two issue story.

The writing for Spidey was spot on and kept the laughs rolling while saving the day. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next Avenging Spiderman has to offer.

Posted by Webjaker

I love this series, and this 2 parter was great. Its funny that most people (including myself) are complaining that the only thing annoying about the new Capt Marvel series is the art and i think its because all the covers and advertisement and then even these 2 issues were drawn in a particular style and then when you opened her comic book is was SO drastically different is was jarring. I loved the relationship between Peter and Carol. And Im a big fan of Robyn Hood and i really hope we see more of her and she's not just a throw-away character. She could pop up in ASM anytime.

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