cafeterialoca's Avenging Spider-Man #1 - Avenging Spider-Man review

And now for the Controversal opinion

Avenging Spider-Man

If you haven't seen the hype for this, then you've done the impressive.

The Good

It was enjoyable. The writing is light and the art is very stylish. Which is what the huge draw of this book is.

The Bad

I'm actually very disappointed because for four bucks, I feel like I got nothing. Remember that free pamphlet you got a while ago about this book? Congratulations, that was half that book. It ends a few pages afterwards. Not only that, but the plot just ends a very little is accomplished. The book is very brief you could probably skip this issue and not miss the obvious details that are given away by the cover of next issue.

Really, this book could have been constructed better. There are a ton of full page spreads, but some of them are just taking away precious panel space. The Recap is TWO PAGES WIDE! It's stylish art, but just didn't do much for me.


Though this book will most likely be a huge hit, and it is fun, this first issue is less of a bang for your buck and more a small pop. Honestly, skip this issue and get the next one where half the book hasn't already been given to you for free.

Also, I hope that Thunderbolts team up does happen down the line...

Posted by djotaku

I also felt cheated in that all the best jokes were given away and that it read very quickly for a $4 book

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    This book has perfect Spider-humor and GREAT art! If I weren't currently trying to shed books from my pull list because of finances, this book would DEFINITELY be on my pull list. If you love Spider-Man you'll love this book.It's Spider-Man team-ups and those were some of my favorite books in my youth.The villian is a cross-over villain that other NYC-based heroes have fought. I wonder if/how this affects things in those books....

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