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An Epic X-Men Crossover

The Story:  
Simon Trask is leading a rally in the streets of San Francisco trying to turn the public against the X-Men. Fights break out between humans and mutants resulting in Beast being detained. Norman Osborn and his Avengers come to the west coast where Norman reveals to the public that he has put together his own team of X-Men. It appears Emma Frost has defected over to Osborn's new Dark X-Men team. Scott Summers has to come up with a plan to overthrow Osborn, his two teams and find a way to make a better tomorrow for all of mutantkind in this Dark Reign. 

My Thoughts:  
The Dark Reign has begun and the X-Men have been caught in the crossfire between public outcry for control over mutant breeding and Norman Osborn's insane methods. What makes this story even more compelling is that many of the X-Men have their own personal issues they're also coping with especially Cyclops, their leader. We get to see Scott and Emma's relationship problems expanded here. Things don't start off well when everyone thinks Emma is no longer with them, but later on the few pages where Scott and Emma open up to each other, they tell each other their secrets which was really emotional.

Obviously one of the big things that happened was the creating of Utopia for the mutants. Scott came up with the idea and created their own small island. I thought the idea seemed pretty cool. That was only part of his master plan. He came up with a way to dismantle Osborn's entire Dark Avengers & X-Men teams. Dani Moonstar's role in the fight was one of my favorite parts.

The three issues about the Dark X-Men were pretty entertaining. It shows how Norman Osborn recruited each member and what he had to do to get them on his team. 

There were so many different writers and artists that worked on this book I won't even begin to name them all. But there was an overall strong combination of writing that delivered an awesome story. There was a great balance of action and dialogue. The action was intense, giving you the feeling that circumstances are critical.

If you read Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy and Dark Avengers then you know what the art looks like. The same style that appears in those titles was here as well. I personally enjoyed the art a lot and felt it was great for this big event capturing all the emotion and action that happened throughout. 

If you haven't read this yet I would recommend this especially if you're a big X-Men fan. Lots of big things happened and this is something you're not going to want to skip over. It's a crucial part of the Dark Reign story arc, arguably one of the best stories during it. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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