Will Avengers dominate the year even with Dark Knight Rises comin

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I don't get it - people still want to see Batman movies even though we've had to go through so much reboots in the last 40 years - I understand that Nolan's incarnation is much more dramatic and darker - but I don't get why people are saying DKR is going to beat Avengers in both reviews and box office. If I'm not mistaken, Marvel's Avengers is one of the most unique movies that we've had in forever - Which is exactly why it's reached (or almost) 1 billion dollars over these couple of weeks. I'll be pissed if DKR beats Avengers in July onwards, because all the DC fans will then start trolling the internet saying the Avengers is shit and DKR is way better, much like they already are now (not to mention me, a marvel fan saying Dark Knight is shit) - I only needed to get this out after what that stupid bitch actor Matthew Modine had to say about Avengers. Here's the link. http://comicbook.com/blog/2012/05/13/dark-knight-rises-matthew-modine-talks-smack-about-the-avengers/

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