Who would you like to see write the Avengers?

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Since Bendis isn't gonna stop writing them for twenty years it seems. What writer and artist would YOU like to see take them on.

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Peter david and Olivier Coipel would be a cool combination

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Hm. This would be tough for me to choose. I would choose Jonathan Hickman. And for artist. Well, David Finch is at DC now. I'd have Stuart Immonen.  

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@moviegeek17 said:

Peter david and Olivier Coipel would be a cool combination

I support this choice^
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PAD is great, but he's been low-key in recent years. Hickman, Gillen, Gage, or Pak/Van Lente wouldn't be bad, either.
@Vance Astro said:


Sounds about right.
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Dan Slott: he can write funny and campy stories with the Avengers, but I'm sure he can writer serious and "big" stories

Christos Gage: he can write "fresh" stories with the team, maybe 2-part or 3-part

Peter David: if the team has a large cast, he is the only one than can handle them

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Johnathan Hickman would be my choice.

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Johnathan Hickman and Mike Choi/Olivier Coipal rotating

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