Who do you like more? Maria Hill or Black Widow?

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I just wanna know because somehow I am start to like Maria Hill more and more after watching the film.

Fear Itself: Black Widow #1

So who do you like more?

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I have finally made a decision. I like Maria Hill more than Black Widow.

#3 Posted by Mercy_ (93363 posts) - - Show Bio

Widow FTW

#4 Posted by jhazzroucher (19479 posts) - - Show Bio

who else?

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Leading up to the Avenger Movie I liked Widow, but after seeing the film as many times as I did, I've recently leaned towards Maria Hill. I like the by the book kind of Characters.

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@jhazzroucher: Same here. I dont know what it was but I really enjoyed Hill's character/performance. It was one of those where an actress made something outta a.....limited? Part. I'll say it, as much as I liked BW, I'm team Hill all the way.

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Black Widow used to be top 10 of my favorite characters but now she's kind of boring. Bendis has had her be an Avenger for like 4-5 years now and she has like 2 feats and he doesn't take any time to further develop her as a character.Her most interesting uses were in Thunderbolts when she was posing as Yelena Belova and in her miniseries where she had a few impressive showings.I don't really care much about Hill either though. I thought she was pretty cool when she was Tony's second in command while he was Director of S.H.I.E.LD., now she's just kind of a hang around that Tony slept with. I'm going with Black Widow on this one but she needs some work.In the movie, Hill didn't really matter so obviously Scarlet Jo over Cobie Smulders.Although I think Smulders made a better Maria Hill than Scarlet did Black Widow..is that weird?

#8 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

black widow she a badass woman and sexy as hell.

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Black Widow.

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i liked pretty much maria hills character in the comics (more than widows) and even though she had little screen time in the movie, yeah i am gonna with sherbatski.

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For the comics, I'll go with Widow. For the movie versions, I'll say Maria.

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So I'm guessing that people began to like Maria Hill more because of the Avengers film.

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Actually I didn't like the movie version of either character. For the comic it's Widow>Hill

#15 Posted by rogue_mar1e (20180 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Widow.

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In Avengers it has to be Widow seeing as Hill wasn't really given enough to do but that's understandable given the task of addressing the rest of the characters. She kinda reminded me of the same role Admiral Piett had with Vader just following Nick around the bridge but much cooler.

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Purely physically;

In the comics: Black Widow

In the movie: Maria Hill

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Black Widow!

I never liked Hill's attitude in comics.

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Like em both the comic versions need work and the movie version where good.

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Widow's got the better ass.

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Black Widow 

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If I have to pick I'd go with Widow, I was never a fan of Maria Hill, she always seemed way to bitchy for my tastes. I was hoping to see Sharon Carter in the Avengers movie though, hopefully she makes her appearance in Cap 2.

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Maria Hill. I like a woman with attitude.

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Both of them are pretty not interesting characters but Black Widow is badass and has a cooler character than Maria.

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Scarlet Johansson wins

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I like the comic Maria, haven't seen the movie Im not a big fan of Black Widow

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I'm gonna be 100% honest and say Black Widow just because she's so hawt :)

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@TheCannon said:

For the comics, I'll go with Widow. For the movie versions, I'll say Maria.


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Black Widow by far, Maria Hill is at best a very pale hybrid of Nick Fury and Widow herself

#31 Posted by Nighthunter (29560 posts) - - Show Bio

In comics: Widow

In movies:

Robin...I mean Hill!

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