Where to Start?

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Alright, so if you're ever on the X-Men Forum I'm sure you know me... and if not then hello :) 
Anyway I've kind of been interested in reading the Avengers comics and want to get into them... I've skimmed through some stuff about them on the site and like what I see... the only question is, where to start? 
I know it's a PRETTY big questions seeing as the avengers is a big franchise... I'm preferably thinking before House of M so I get to know the teams before Scarlet Witch goes all "crazy" and kills her teammates... haha.  
SO yeah! Let me know where you guys think I should start reading from! 
Thanks :)

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Nights of Wundagore and Korvac Saga in TPB is a good start and will sum-up some great stories and moments about the team
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I started at the beginning of vol 3 the Morgan Conquest. The Avengers had disbanded after Onslaught seemingly killed many of Earth's heroes. The heroes returned but were somewhat directionless until something started attacking Avengers all over the world. All the former Avenger members had to band together to find out what was going on.

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I started at Civil War but you can basically start anywhere where the team roster changes which happens at least every year and pick up older stories the pique your interest along the way.

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Start off with Ultimates 1 + 2 IMO, best way to jump in quick.  Its an alternate reality and non-canon but its the best way to catch up with the overall feel/structure of the team 
Avoid Bendis years its all about Golbin, Wolverine and Sentry.....worst Avengers run ever,. Busiek can be good his heroes run during the Kurt Busieks years are pretty good but he made Thor jobber a lot, Kurt did other character like Ironman very well but he didn't write everyone very well. The Essential Stan, Jack volumes with classical stories are pretty good if you want to see how Thor is supposed to be wrote. 
Korvac Saga, Kang War and the Kree Skrull War are very good

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