When did these guys rejoin or leave the Avengers team?

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I have been checking out the AvX tie ins and I something bugged me. In X-Men Legacy, it shows Falcon, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, are shown to be fighting for the Avengers. In the main AvX series, it shows Black Panther fighting with Avengers and War Machine with the Avengers as well. I thought he left, when did he rejoin? I also noticed in some promos or future covers it shows the GREEN Hulk with the Avengers. Did he rejoin the team or what? & if so when? & did Storm, Jessica Jones, The Protector, and Beast leave the Avengers team they were on? Can anyone fill me in please? I mean I don't mind if these guys rejoined or not, I just want some clarification.

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They're reserve members who were called in for AVX. Storm left during AVX due to conflicting interests. I think the green hulk being on the cover is just to make money.

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I wouldn't really go by much of what's on a cover, many times the cover is just that a cover and has nothing to do with the story. Also once an Avenger always an Avenger... unless they fire a bunch to trim down the team, like they did in the late 90s or early 00s with too many Avengers.

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