What is the best Avengers line-up?

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Ok, so a while back I decided to make a list of what I considered the best Justice League line-up (http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/or35ti/my-ideal-justice-league-line-up/75-32924/) and it got me thinking that the Avengers doesn't really have such a strict default core team like the Justice League has. When you ask a comic fan to name the core members of the Justice League they will say Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter (now Cyborg) and almost every incarnation includes at least 5 of these 7 members. But with the Avengers and their ever-changing roster what would be considered the most memorable and default core line-up? Now with the movie coming up everyone's gonna say Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk and that's cool, I love those characters. So let's pick the ideal line-up for the core team of Avengers. Who are Marvel's greatest superheroes and who would make the Avengers Marvel's most iconic, powerful, and diverse team out there? I'll start by adding Spider-Man and Wolverine to the characters I mentioned previously as they are arguably Marvel's two most popular characters. The team has to include at least 6 characters but no more than 12. Let the discussion begin! 

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  • Capatain America

Iron Man  
Ant Man  
Ms Marvel 

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@primepower53 said:
  • Capatain America

Iron Man  
Ant Man  
Ms Marvel 

Cool list. But what about some of Marvel's other icons? We're talking about the whole Marvel U here
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This has definitely been done. 
Personally I like the multiple teams.

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@ReVamp said:
This has definitely been done.   Personally I like the multiple teams.

this, too.
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Im a tad too late but hey I feel like joining the party. I have alot of favorite rosters but my number one has to be from issues 28-59.

Captain America



Scarlet Witch



I am a huge fan of Pym, and him as Goliath is still one of my favorite runs, Thor and Iron Man was apart of these team for a few issues. Hercules, Vision and Black Panther all joined the avengers, it also started the sub plot of Hank's fall. Personally I find it hard to find a better line-up for me, others may have differing opinions. If anyone is interested in reading this team I have set-up a reading order:

The Avengers 28 (MAY 1966)
The Avengers 29 (JUN 1966)
The Avengers 30 (JUL 1966)
The Avengers 31 (AUG 1966)
The Avengers 32 (SEP 1966)
The Avengers 33 (OCT 1966)
Tales of Suspense 84 (DEC 1966)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 03 (1966)
The Avengers 34 (NOV 1966)
The Avengers 35 (DEC 1966)
The Avengers 36 (JAN 1967)
The Avengers 37 (FEB 1967)
The Avengers 38 (MAR 1967)
The Avengers 39 (APR 1967)
The Avengers 40 (MAY 1967)
The Avengers 41 (JUN 1967)
The Avengers 42 (JUL 1967)
Tales of Suspense 92 (AUG 1967)
The Avengers 43 (AUG 1968)
The Avengers 44 (SEP 1967)
The Avengers King-Size Special 01 (1967)
The Avengers 45 (OCT 1967)
The Avengers 46 (NOV 1967)
The Avengers 47 (DEC 1967)
The Avengers 48 (JAN 1968)
The Avengers 49 (FEB 1968)
The Avengers 50 (MAR 1968)
The Avengers 51 (APR 1968)
The Avengers 52 (MAY 1968)
The X-Men 45 (JUN 1968)
The Avengers 53 (JUN 1968)
The Avengers 54 (JUL 1968)
The Avengers 55 (AUG 1968)
The Avengers 56 (SEP 1968)
The Avengers King-Size Special 02 (1968)
The Avengers 57 (OCT 1968)
The Avengers 58 (NOV 1968)
The Avengers 59 (DEC 1968)

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