What If... The Avengers movie had been made in the 1960's?

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I got the idea for this the other night when I was watching "The Sting". During the poker game scene with Paul Newman, I was thinking to myself he would have made a great Tony Stark. So I felt like putting together a fantasy cast for a 60's Avengers movie. Let me know what you think.

Captain America Lee Majors

Iron Man Paul Newman

Ant Man Robert Redford

Wasp Julie Christie

Hulk Brad Harris

Thor Steve Reeves

Bruce Banner Gregory Peck

Dr. Donald Blake Martin Sheen

Loki Rutger Hauer

Baron Zemo Max von Sydow

Black Knight Lee Van Cleef

Radioactive Man Yul Brynner

The Melter Lee Marvin

Enchantress Janet Leigh

Feedback is appreciated. =^-^=

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