What else is in Avengers Tower?

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Do the Avengers really need a skyscraper? (or the FF for that matter). They seemed to have plenty of room in the mansion for decades, so have they expanded their facilities to the point that a skyscraper is required, or is a sizable chunk of Avengers Tower used for other purposes? If it is the latter, nobody can make me believe that it used for apartments or office space. First of all, anybody in the Marvel Universe who lives in NYC is insane. Who in their right mind would live in a city that is the target of some devasting attack every other month. And how can they afford their property insurace? That being said, the only thing worse than living in NYC would be living or working in the same building as a super hero team. Everybody knows it's only a matter of time before the building is destroyed or taken over by villains or shunted into another dimension or other not so cheerful fate. So what is in the lower levels of these buildings, and are heroes so vain that all the super teams can't share one skyscraper?

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The Avengers are dumb, duuh.

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Always liked Avengers Mansion more anyways, the main reason the moved into the tower in the first place was because when the New Avengers originally formed the mansion was still destroyed, so Tony let them use his tower as their headquarters.

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In the skrull invasion there was a story line about the people in the building. Apparently on the floors they don't use they rent out as offices.

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