Vin Diesel wants to be Vision in Avengers 2?

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@Tyrus: mmmm, not to type cast but Vision strikes me as having an English accent with that subtle hint of intelligent arrogance but thats me.

(badass avatar by the way)

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I was thinking the same thing. He certainly looks the part, but they'd need to heavily modify his voice because his tone doesn't exactly fit what most people likely have in mind for Vision. It's too low and gruff. Thankfully, altering his voice is totally doable and makes sense because... ya know, Vision is an android and all that.

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They could and I've been wrong about actors and roles before. I thought Downey would suck as Iron Man. Really nailed that one.

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paul bettany as vision (the jarvis AI in a old iron man model )

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I don't think he'd be bad, but I don't think he'd be great. Vin would probably have to polish his robot voice, or get good vocal effects, I don't think I've seen him do voice work since The Iron Giant.

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@SoA said:

paul bettany as vision (the jarvis AI in a old iron man model )

I agree with this. I still want to see Ultron.
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No......Just No...

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being in avengers movie=making big $$$, so everybody wants a piece of it

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Always seen him as Martian Manhunter, personally. 

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He's the most robotic actor in Hollywood ! Nah I think he's a little too buff to play vision because vision . I don't think Vision sounds British but he probably speaks like Data from star trek. Idk voices are easy to adjust now a days , so who knows. @Fadetoblackbolt. I see Martain Manhunter being played by a black actor like on the JLa YouTube movie.

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I really do not see it, but as Gambler said, the public has been proven wrong before

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I wouldn't mind it visually, but the voice, I dunno.

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If they let diesel play vision then they should make his conscience Phil Coleson and do a voice over like they did for Silver surfer with Lorence Fishburn's voice..

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I'm not feeling it.

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I'd be cool with it.

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@Sapperjak said:

If they let diesel play vision then they should make his conscience Phil Coleson and do a voice over like they did for Silver surfer with Lorence Fishburn's voice..


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@Vance Astro said:

I'd be cool with it.
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Doesn't look that bad.

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Vin Diesel as Vision? Intriguing but ultimately no...I don't think it could work.

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NO just no.

Vin Diesel sucks

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This could work, but it would be unlikely to.

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It wouldn't be the worst casting in the world, but it's far from a good choice. He could pull off Wonder Man pretty well though.

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I think he'd actually be a good choice. I mean Vin Diesel is a shitty actor that has trouble showing an emotional range, and Vision is a robot that has trouble understanding emotions. Perfect fit.

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Ah....... No. No thank you.

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I see Vin as Absorbing Man, Rhino, or The Wrecker if he ever did a comic movie. Vision? Heeeellll no. And I'm a Vin supporter.

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No thanks, he's not a bad actor or anything I just don't see him as Vision.

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If this happens then Mitt Romney should play Mister Fantastic .

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i notice most super hero movies dont really choose famous or high paid actors besides RDJ and probably Ryan Renolds. so they just might pick Diesel LOL

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Could be worse.

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