Unknowned(perhaps cancled) first Person Avengers game

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Look surprisingly good, maybe it will inspire someone to make a mod out of it.

Also more evidence that Skrulls will be in the movie.

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that looks crazy dumb

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Pretty cool

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this is concept art from the game

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Looks pretty intersting to me...

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I was really getting ready to say how dumb that looked but it doesn't look all that bad...but still a first person Avengers game??? really?

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I thought it looked pretty badass

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I'm not going to lie, that looked frickin badass! I love that it's not the typical third-person piece of crap developed by Sega that would utterly fail and it being pre-alpha, it had some pretty good looking graphics going for it. The iron man footage looked the best though and the least repetitive but I seriously hope this actually gets made.

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Looks awesome. Any Idea what system this would be for?

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Looks pretty good.
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Honestly I have to admit that the idea of a first person Avengers game does sound a but..odd, but looking at how the game played it actually looks pretty epic. I mean it's one thing to control the characters through third person game play but to actually put the player in those characters shoes looks like a lot of fun.
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it did actually look good, the first person approach was unexpected but intriguing. but it doesnt leave much room for alternate costumes and such.

but gameplay IS indeed the most important aspect so that could be forgiven

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It would be a shame to let this go to cancelled waste.

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