Uncanny Avengers & Avengers... I have a question

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How does this work in the comic world? and Which one of the groups counts in the bigger scheme of things when there is an event like Age of Ultron? Thanks in advance.

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I'm only guessing (and kinda hoping), but I think that Havok's team will negate the seeming necessity for events that spill into both X-men and Avengers books. Like, if the Avengers are dealing with something X-men related, they would defer to this team, or if the X-men are dealing with something of, say, Avengers scope, these would be the Avengers that show up.

but, like I say, I'm just guessing.

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From what we have seen so far the Avengers will be a bigger group that deals with galactic problems which means that when Age of Ultron happens they should be the first that will be called.

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Avengers are the group that handles the  general things and the Uncanny Avengers are a specialty group. 
The New Avengers are the Illuminati that handles things in the background. 
Secret Avengers is like black ops.

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This book was written well over a year ago. It was delayed when they decided to go forward with AVX. Knowing that, I am guessing that it will mostly be Bendis's Avengers at the focus. All the previews we've seen show the standard Avengers and Spider Man and Wolverine.

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The Avengers are the main Avengers team, they deal with the day-to-day threats that only they together can tackle. Uncanny Avengers was Cap's way of basically trying to give Mutants a better public image by having an Avengers team comprised of both former Avengers and X-Men. But in the grand scheme of things, such as with this upcoming Age of Ultron storyline, THE Avengers is the team that will be leading the charge and be on the front lines.

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