Ultron war

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Ultron war / Age of Ultron hints

so whit all this "war is coming" teasers, everyone knows whats coming in october. the ultron war. but what do we know about it?

-when the avengers were in the future in avengers 5, older tony show him a map whit the events of the marvel universe. some already happened, other not.

we could read a anotation that says "cap america reborn (what did he see?)"

what capi see in C.A.R. is some kind of robotic monsters destroying a future world. we already saw this things in other comics. is this related to age of ultron? judge yourself.

but the hints dont end here. in avengers: age of ultron things got more clear:

finally, in "point one", we see a few pages of the oficial ultron war event. is it going to be drawed by hitch? is bendis going to be the writter? no one know.

toughts? any hint i miss?

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sorry for the completely patethic english.

use a bit of imagination to read my texts :P

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Another big event?Now's your chance to redeem yourself!

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been waiting for this for years

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