Ultimate Avengers 2... check this out!!!!!

#1 Posted by BlackPanther (511 posts) - - Show Bio

go to my blog (on my page) and watch the full movie free.

#2 Posted by Tahdigga (449 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks, but I saw it already. I hope they make a third movie with James Rhodes in it.
Post Edited:2007-10-31 23:01:59

#3 Posted by Hagane Enna (7450 posts) - - Show Bio

OH way cool. THe Ultimates are both really bizarre and really amusing.

#4 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6476 posts) - - Show Bio

THe next movie is called Ultimates Reborn I believe. They have a trailer on the Dr Strange DVD with comments from the creator/ producers. It's suppose to be about the children of the Ultimates and has Ultron slated as the bad guy.

#5 Posted by Hagane Enna (7450 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh damn it when is it out? I want it! I can obssess over my two faves in one shot.

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