The Skrulls to be the Villains in the Avengers Movie?

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Posted by No_name_here (330 posts) - - Show Bio
 Hell, maybe the Avengers will be Skrulls, themselves?
There’s a rumor floating around at Slashfilm that Skrulls might be the bad guys in the AVENGERS movie. The threat they pose is what will eventually bring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together, not machinations by Loki. What’s funny is that I figured this was the route they were going to go with, anyway. See, I’m sure the AVENGERS movie is going to be taking more than a few cues from the first volume of ULTIMATES. And you’ll recall that the (pun intended) ultimate bad guys in that were the Chituari (they’re also the villains in that ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2 animated movie.) They're a conspiracy of malignant extra-dimensional aliens who can change their shape at will - - doesn’t that sound a bit like the Skrulls?

What’s interesting about the rumor is that it asserts that the Kree will be involved, adding a little more weight to that other rumor that Kevin Pennington will be actually playing Noh-Varr.  It’d be interesting if that were the case, because it’d seem like they were melding the character with Mar-Vell (who, of course, originally started as Kree sleeper agent.) I was kind of skeptical about Noh-Varr’s inclusion in the movies when I first heard the rumor because... well... the character’s debut had him burning “F*** YOU” into New York City to tell off SHIELD. I suppose all enemies can eventually become friends, though. So why couldn’t Noh-Varr be a SHIELD agent?

The AVENGERS movie, whenever it gets made, is going to need some larger-than-life threat for the team to fight and I doubt it’s going to be mainstays like Loki or Kang or the Masters of Evil. I really do think it’ll be a version of the Skrulls, although the exact details are likely still in the air. Maybe they will be brainwashing the Hulk into their control, as Slash Film speculates?

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#1 Posted by The Cyan Lantern (227 posts) - - Show Bio

eh, maybe too big to start off with

#2 Posted by Blue_Shield (775 posts) - - Show Bio

Damn dirty Skrulls!
#3 Posted by Icon (2110 posts) - - Show Bio

Very Ultimates. I like! 

#4 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29515 posts) - - Show Bio

WAY too huge to start.

#5 Posted by Theodore (3445 posts) - - Show Bio

cooooooooooooooool I love skrulls. Here's hoping for skrull Beatles and skrull John Lennon!

#6 Posted by 4Essence (152 posts) - - Show Bio

This could actually work. They're gonna need something big to follow the individual flicks.

#7 Posted by biggkeem89 (1404 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it. Like how the Ultimates started, maybe a little Kree/Skrull war. But the movie would have to be MASSIVE...
#8 Edited by Jordanstine (895 posts) - - Show Bio

Skrull's are shape shifters... so the cool thing about this is that they can have some of these Skrulls disguise themselves as some characters in Marvel to make little teaser cameos just for the fans :)
#9 Posted by joshmightbe (24800 posts) - - Show Bio

id actually like to see something like a trilogy of movies just about the kree vs skrull war you could have one dedicated to the kree one for the srulls and finish it up with the avengers getting involved and this would be a good way to set that up

#10 Posted by EnSabahNurX (2294 posts) - - Show Bio

So far this is sounding very promising cuz i did not want freakin ultron as the villain he's just too flat of a villain(just another he AI robot) so go skrulls.

#11 Posted by War Killer (20342 posts) - - Show Bio

In the Ultimates, one of the Chituari's other names was revealed to be "Skrull." And in Ultimate Fantastic Four, they were said to be a gang of criminals that were somehow apart of the Skrull Empire.
I like this idea, it's a bigger threat then just having Loki, who will be the main villain in Thor, so it would make sense not to have him the villain to two movies.


#12 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

It wont be Loki. Hes in Thor. Either way i cant wait for this movie. I love the skrulls as villians. There wont be any super skrulls though.

#13 Posted by Red Rum (357 posts) - - Show Bio

Really? I thought they would be in the next F4 flick. And I was holding out for Kang or Ultron to be the Avengers' nemesis. I'm still seeing it, regardless...

#14 Posted by TheMess1428 (2176 posts) - - Show Bio

I was wondering when they were going to start speculating who the villain was going to be. 
@The Cyan Lantern said:

" eh, maybe too big to start off with "
I agree with The Cyan Lantern. The Skrulls, or something like it, seems like an AVENGERS 3 movie. In my honest opinion, you gotta escalate gradually without making it seem strange. Going with the Skrulls is like going with the Justice League banding together to fight the White Martians. It works for them but not really for the Avengers. I say make them go against one big villain in the first one and then the Masters of Evil in the second one, and then make the Skrulls or something in the third. Or maybe fourth if you want to have a Civil War movie.
#15 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (7615 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see a skrull on the big screen

#16 Posted by cmaprice (824 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope that the next avengers film will take inspiration from The Ultimates 2. Liberators + Loki FTW.
Of course, I really don't expect them to chance offending people. Which would also rule out something like an on-screen Civil War.

#17 Posted by sora_thekey (8198 posts) - - Show Bio

I say this is good!
If they take the Ultimates route then that would mean that there's an explanation of why Black Widow and Hawkeye would be part of the original team... Also that would mean that Hank Pym and Janet have to be in the movie... along with (maybe) Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver....
I think that if they do have the Skrulls as villains we might get to see future movies focused on them... maybe tie them in for a Young Avengers movie (Hulkin)...
Also I don't know why Nor-Varr would be part of SHIELD but in the Ultimate U Mar-Vel was part of SHIELD and was dating Carol Danvers in the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy...

#18 Posted by Morpheus_ (29696 posts) - - Show Bio
@War Killer said:
" In the Ultimates, one of the Chituari's other names was revealed to be "Skrull." And in Ultimate Fantastic Four, they were said to be a gang of criminals that were somehow apart of the Skrull Empire.  I like this idea, it's a bigger threat then just having Loki, who will be the main villain in Thor, so it would make sense not to have him the villain to two movies.   "
I like this train of thought.
#19 Posted by captaincold1 (98 posts) - - Show Bio

The Skrulls seem like a realistic possibility to put on film. 
I would be excited to see what would go down.

#20 Posted by Decept-O (7374 posts) - - Show Bio

While I like the idea of Skrulls, I was under the impression the Avengers would assemble against the Hulk who'd be under mind control of the Leader.    
It's all speculation, but it's fun to wonder about the possibilities. 
#21 Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! (2529 posts) - - Show Bio
@InnerVenom123 said:
" WAY too huge to start. "
I agree, we should have like an "Offenders" where all the villains get together, even those they hint at in other movies.
#22 Posted by brendon277 (496 posts) - - Show Bio

They should have the Skrulls in the next Fantastic Four movie if there is one.

#23 Posted by brendon277 (496 posts) - - Show Bio

Now i really wanna see this movie I've been waiting for the skrulls to be in a movie.

#24 Posted by ARMIV (3876 posts) - - Show Bio

Seeing as how Thor will probably kick the crap outta Loki in his movie,I can actually see this course of action working.
Maybe Super Skrull will be in it?

#25 Posted by RATZGobbler (180 posts) - - Show Bio

They are more of a Fantastic Four villain since they were discovered by them. I know this comment hath no powers of influence in the film industry but I find using AIM or HYDRA for the movie, but then again who am I? Why I'm the person standing behind you with a cloth and a bottle of chloroform.

#26 Posted by rlmay3 (254 posts) - - Show Bio

Skrulls seem too big, like the consensus seems to be. The only reason I say this is because none of the other main Marvel movies have even touched on anything extraterrestrial, the exclusion being the origin of adamantium in Wolverine. It just seems like TOO big of a step to take from fighting Earth-based threats to fighting aliens and I think fighting aliens will almost seem like a cop-out to some people. I think mainstream (ie, non-comic geek) audiences are going to have a hard enough time accepting Thor into the same world as Iron Man, let alone little green men who can shapeshift.
If anything, I think a Skrull storyline would be HINTED at in the first Avengers movie and then lead into a sequel regarding that story. But half the movie will be about the team working together and taking on a secret alien invasion on top of that conflict wouldn't flow together gracefully.
 @Decept-O said:

" While I like the idea of Skrulls, I was under the impression the Avengers would assemble against the Hulk who'd be under mind control of the Leader.    It's all speculation, but it's fun to wonder about the possibilities.  "

Along the same lines, I was figuring the main plot would be something like Hulk VS Thor, where Loki manages control over the Hulk... or something to that effect. I really hope the Hulk does play a major role because I really want that clip at the end of the last Hulk movie to pay off. Who DOESN'T want to see Hulkbuster on the silver screen?
Also, was anyone else rather disappointed with the Ultimate Avengers animated movies?
#27 Posted by grimreaper1980 (606 posts) - - Show Bio

i would have liked to see a villain that no one would have expected, like graviton, grim reaper, or count nefaria, but the skrulls would be awesome to see also, if the rumors are true

#28 Posted by HaloKing343 (1252 posts) - - Show Bio

Loki would be cool. Not Dr Doom, that's a no-go. Skrulls could also be cool. I like the idea a lot.
#29 Posted by Bruce Vain (1781 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't really care for the Skrulls.
#30 Edited by Decept-O (7374 posts) - - Show Bio
I can understand perhaps Loki doing such a thing, that's not a bad idea at all.  I don't know if that would be used, but if it's either Leader or Loki, as long as Hulk is being mind-controlled, the Avengers would have a reason to assemble.  *hint*   Also, with Loki, you'd have a reason for Thor to get even more involved.   
Oh, yeah, I'd love to see Hulkbuster on the screen!  My memory is bad I must have missed that bit of the Hulkbuster  armor in the movie.   I didn't think the Ultimate Avengers movie was bad (I've only seen the first one) but I really didn't like how Bruce Banner was portrayed nor did I like the alien whatever creatures they used as a cheap ploy for the Avengers to fight.  *groan*  Come on, so many blasted super villains who are human or mutant and they resorted to aliens.  In the voice of Dr. Evil, "Yeah, right....".    (although I DO love Skrulls)
#31 Posted by Kid_Zombie (822 posts) - - Show Bio

With Joss Whedon writing, it does make sence for the skrulls to be the baddies in this. What Ive seen other sites speculate, is that the skrulls will be the ones brain washing the hulk. And then the kree skrull war in the following sequels.
Personally I'm very happy about this news. I think its a great idea! Plus this could be an opener for Ms.Marvel to come into the mix. PLEASE DIORA BAIRD for MS.MARVEL!!

Diora Baird for Ms. MARVEL!
#32 Posted by rlmay3 (254 posts) - - Show Bio
@Decept-O: With regard to the Hulkbuster thing, at the end of Hulk (after credits) we see Tony Stark enter and talk to Ross about his "problem," which we can ASSUME is the Hulk. Hopefully, that's not a spoiler for anyone, being two years after the fact. They didn't SAY Hulkbuster... but there WILL HAVE TO BE Hulkbuster. It's in the name!!
 @Decept-O said:
"with Loki, you'd have a reason for Thor to get even more involved.

That's kind of why I was thinking Loki would almost HAVE to be involved in some way, because otherwise Thor can just say "I'm a god, guys. Not my problem." And the biggest problem I had with the Ultimate Avengers movie was it went by REALLY fast and really, at no point, did it seem like they were acting remotely like a team. Also, I agree. They made Banner come off almost like a junkie or something, not the bright scientist people are used to.
#33 Posted by PsychoPanda (164 posts) - - Show Bio

Could work, especially if they play off the Skrulls taking over world leader positions. The ultimate straw being when the skrulls try to take the place of heroes, which would cause more confusion and get the heroes really mad.

#34 Posted by Aronmorales (9528 posts) - - Show Bio
@ARMIV said:
" Seeing as how Thor will probably kick the crap outta Loki in his movie,I can actually see this course of action working.   Maybe Super Skrull will be in it? "
That'd be so cool, but as you put it earlier, "how'd he get the FF's powers if they aren't there?"
#35 Posted by bingbangboom (735 posts) - - Show Bio

 I wish that Fox lost the Fantastic Four rights because Marvel itself would make an awesome FF movie. More to the spirit of the original family and that dynamic how it works with fame and the world. I think if they don't produce a movie soon then Fox will loose the rights.    

#36 Posted by Decept-O (7374 posts) - - Show Bio
O.K., I thought you were referring to the first Hulk movie, not The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton.  I was also thinking perhaps you meant you had seen the actual Hulkbuster armor.  Now I understand and yes, I do remember that bit.  
I also agree about them not really being a team, it was more a bunch of hateful characters reluctantly fighting together.  Yeah, that's what peeved me most about that, how Banner was made to be like a junkie and how the other characters disrespected him, even Betty.   The best bit was the action sequence with the Hulk...and Cap tripping up the Hulk...but that's about it.  I know it was the "Ultimates" version, but it could've been better.
#37 Posted by DarkSyde79 (213 posts) - - Show Bio

 The Skrulls are FF territory!!! And we all know they haven’t been fold’d into the Marvel Films Universe. I still think The Hulk should be the “villain” in the first Avengers movie. But hey, they’ve got a plan... 

#38 Posted by Emerald Dragonfly (206 posts) - - Show Bio

No way! Damn, no way! No Skrulls, please! DAMN STUPID SCENARISTS I HATE YOU

#39 Posted by ComicCrazy (1505 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow awesome. I would love to see this happen.

#40 Edited by DH69 (4193 posts) - - Show Bio

 is this really news? i thought skrulls were gonna be the villains from day one. i gotta admit though i had hopes for ultron appearance, hopefully they give a cameo

#41 Posted by juniorlhulk (71 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Cyan Lantern:  u right
#42 Posted by Rich-Man (100 posts) - - Show Bio

i really hope this is true!!!!!

#43 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14346 posts) - - Show Bio

i like this idea very much , woho skrulls

#44 Posted by Dark Cell (445 posts) - - Show Bio

Pleeeeeeeeeease nooooooooooooo

#45 Posted by greenenvy (581 posts) - - Show Bio

Alright  sounds good to me because I don't mind the skrulls. There cool but as long as they don't do superskrull. Because to me thats more of a ff villain due to the fact that he has the combined powers of the fantastic four. Just to say that my original villain pitch thought for the avengers was red skull, Loki, leader and mandarin because they are the arch villains introduced in the solo films then use them together as the masters of evil but it does not look that way since they mentioned skrulls. 

#46 Posted by .Mistress Redhead. (27118 posts) - - Show Bio

I like this idea a lot.... 

#47 Posted by NXH (1030 posts) - - Show Bio
She's hot! =)
#48 Posted by Meteorite (3351 posts) - - Show Bio

Skrulls would be a bit too in-depth for casual audiences. I'm hoping they go for Kang as the villain.

#49 Posted by iSHADOW (2269 posts) - - Show Bio

what? of course skrulls wont be the villains. its far too contrived.

#50 Posted by goldenkey (2920 posts) - - Show Bio

In Ultimates Vol. they actually say the Chituari are alson known as Skrulls, then in Millars longest run on Ultimate FF they make reference to this again saying they were sect of Skrulls.  Regardless, this is great new if this is true.  It puts the Avengers into a huge scale problem that can easily fit into the hero's powers.  Tech, monsters, etc.  Who knows, if done right they can have if connect to Captain America like the Ultimates did. 

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