The Runup to Avengers 2 (and 3 - we can dream right?) SPOILERS

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SPOILER ALERT - If you haven't seen The Avengers, please stop reading!

So I'm all excited with speculation on the next Marvel movie and how everything's might wrap into Avengers 2. The line-up going forward is:

Iron-Man 3: Extremis Armor (I need to read this trade, but it's nano-tech. Could they introduce Pym?)

Thor 2: I think Thanos needs to be stealing the Gauntlet from Odin's weapon room somewhere here....

Captain America 2: No idea - I really can't believe they'd introduce a big name villain, just to clear them out of the way by the end of the movie. Would Thanos work with Red Skull? Perhaps Cap could be railing against that shodow council that they introduced in the Avengers. Cap 2 could be Winter Soldier, which I think involved Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube (another one I need to read again). If Thanos can get the Gauntlet from Odin, he could steal the cube too. Going forward, would Thanos work with Herr Skull, or is the Mad Titan too omnipotent to work with such a "weakling"?

Avengers 2: Yeah Thanos, but do you think we'll see any new Avengers introduced in the meantime? Every geek on the web is talking about Spidey/Wolverine, but that's not happening. I'm not sure about the deal with the X-Men; how far-reaching is it? Can the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver be ruled out? After reading some forums concerning this, I think Hawkeye can probably sit the next one out. We're looking at a cosmic battle here and he just doesn't figure in (maybe Black Widow too). That said, the Avengers are going to need some cosmic might on their side to battle Thanos. Vision is a definite possibility (someone suggested using Agent Colson's personality here, with an introduced Pym building him as an alternative to going down the Ultron path), and people are throwing around names like Quasar and Ms. Marvel (but they'd have to do Captain Marvel first!!). I don't remember the origins, and I know it's a pretty controversional character, but.... Sentry? Another wild-card: when does Marvel get back the Fantastic Four rights? If I remember correctly Dr. Doom helps the Avengers with Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet, which could set up Avengers 3 vs Doom.

Avengers 3: Could be Doom, like I said above, or if Pym is introduced in Iron Man or the Ant Man movie, he could create Ultron to help fight Thanos and Ultron could go bad at the end of Avengers 2......

What do you think?

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Sounds pretty good and ultron in avengers 3 would be tight.

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@GTG12 said:

Sounds pretty good and ultron in avengers 3 would be tight.

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Cap 2 is probably gonna have Winter Soldier.

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@cryolyte said:

Avengers 3: Could be Doom, like I said above, or if Pym is introduced in Iron Man or the Ant Man movie, he could create Ultron to help fight Thanos and Ultron could go bad at the end of Avengers 2......

What do you think?

No Doom. Sorry, but he's owned by 20th Century Fox.

For me, here's who I would have as the villains (even after Avengers 3)

Iron Man 3: Mandarin

Thor 2: Loki, Surtur, and Hela.

Captain America 2: Baron Von Strucker and MODOK

The Incredible Hulk 2: the Leader and Abomination

Ant-man: Ultron

Dr Strange: Baron Mordo and Dormamu (is that spelled right?) Also, Strange doesn't might Dormamu. He is simply a behind the scenes guy.

Avengers 2: Kang (it might sound weird to skip over Thanos, but I want Kang. Thanos can wait.)

Thor 3: Ymir, Enchantress, and Executioner. And introduce Hercules.

The Incredible Hulk 3: the Absorbing Man, the Leader, and Abomination

Dr Strange 2: Dormamu and Baron Mordo (Dormamu actually fights Strange in this one)

Iron Man 4: Ghost and Madame Cat

Ant-man: Welcome to Wakanda: Don't know. Maybe Klaw. This was simply to introduce Black Panther

Avengers 3: Thanos

Iron Man Returns: Adaption of the Armor Wars

Punisher: Jigsaw

Thor 4: Adaption of Ragnorok (is that how you spell it?)

Captain america 4: Madame Hydra

Incredible Hulk 4: U-foes and Leader

Avengers 4: Adaption of the Civil War

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No to the Infinity Gauntlet, it's too much.

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Avengers 2 & 3 might not come out for years.

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@Primmaster64 said:

Cap 2 is probably gonna have Winter Soldier.

I damn sure hope so!

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I would love for Cap 2 to have Winter Soldier.

If Iron Man 3 has Extremis, that arc and the one that follow it basically lead to Stark wanting the registration Act for Civil War. If they follow that route, then Cap 2 could have an emphasis on his beliefs so that the sides are drawn for Avengers 2 featuring the Civil War.

I don't know how they could possibly do the Infinity Gauntlet and have it play out well in theater. It is too Cosmic unless Thanos does it on Earth. I thought the ending was kind of cheap too since he transcends his body and forgets about the glove. If they do that line, a lot of changes will have to be made (like no Silver Surfer and possibly no Warlock). The same could go for Civil War too since Thor and Hulk are not involved.

I hope that Thanos is a lead in to a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and the Avengers 2 takes a different route whatever that may be.

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Ironman 3 - Mandarin in China

Thor 2- Loki and Enchantress

Captain America 2- Winter Soldier and Red Skull

House of M- Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver joins

Avengers 2- Hank Pym, Ms Marvel Vision and Wasp joins to defeat Ultron

Black Panther the secret to Wakanda (T'challa)- Captain America Vs Black Panther + after credits Black panther joins the Avengers

Avengers 3- Loki, Thanos, Kang, Red Skull, Leader, Barroness Zemo and the Skrulls join to use the teseract

Avengers 4- Civil War- introducing the F4, Spiderman, Wolverine and the xmen, Daredevil and more (read the comics to find out)- CAPTAIN AMERICA DIES!!!

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Captain America 2's plot was said to revolve around him getting back in the modern day world.

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I see Dr. Zola making apparance in Captain America 2 and finding a way to bring Red Skull back. Zola might lead the Shadow Council. Or Hydra never went away.

Baron Zemo would be a cool villian to have in CA2. Winter Soldier seems a better CA3 movie. I love Winter Soldier too but got to do it right.

They can go in all kind of directions with the Thanos thing. It will be interesting.

Is it the last we see of the Cosmic Cube?

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I'm re-reading Infinity Gauntlet and there's just too much there (I'm only about twenty pages in and already I see that the Silver Surfer and Mephisto play a large role). I'm wondering now if the gauntlet was just shown as a prop and they don't plan on using it anytime soon. I just don't think they can do Civil War well for a looooong time. There aren't enough heroes, and Reed Richards came up with most of the justifications for the registration side. Plus the splitting of the FF was a great part of that whole crossover.....

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Am I the only one who wants to see Doom done right in Avengers 2 as the main villain?

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