The New Avengers in Avengers: EMH

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If some certain Avengers were presented in the recent cartoon, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest
Heroes, as the first Avengers, how would you react to this?

How many ratings will Avengers: EMH receive if this scenario were to happen?

How different would the series' episodes be if the New Avengers chars were the main cast?

Would this effect the Avengers movie in anyway?

And finally, would the cartoon get cancelled before the final episodes air
on the television network that they'd be on?

Note: The New Avengers that'll appear in the cartoon's first season, for
this scenario, would be Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Sentry
& Spider-Woman (with Captain America, Ronin and Hawkeye joining the team later).    
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I like it better with the original avengers starting the show spiderman and wolverine would boost the ratings but I like that some of the characters with less mainstream exposure are getting a chance to shine. Honestly turning the whole marvel universe into the wolverine and spidey show gets tiring, but i'd love to see them as well as luke cage and spider woman on the show eventually( tho I don't care at all if the sentry is ever mentioned)

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I'm still hoping for a Marvel animated universe...with Avengers: EMH crossing over with Ultimate Spider-man and whatever new X-men series they're working on

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@danhimself said:
" I'm still hoping for a Marvel animated universe...with Avengers: EMH crossing over with Ultimate Spider-man and whatever new X-men series they're working on "
Yeah, I'd love that. It would be the 90's all over again, but hopefully much better.
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I have a feeling this animated universe is gonna be coming soon. I mean why else would WXM and Spectacular Spider-Man be canceled so quickly after Disney bought Marvel? So Disney can make as many cartoons as they can with all the characters to play with

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Here are some theories on how the A: EMH episodes and micro 'sodes would do
if the series just some New Avengers as the first Avengers.

The Big House might not have been on the show. Even if it did, it
might've appeared later on in the series along with Hank Pym (and maybe Janet Van-Dyne too). 

We won't see The Hulk in the recent Avengers 'toon until Gamma World parts 1 and 2.
But, then again, he might get a mention or some degree of cameo appearance(s) in the micro eps.
After Hawkeye rescue Hulk/Bruce Banner from the military and 'brings' Banner out of jade jaws, they
work together to put a stop to The Leader's grand plan (as well as fight off gamma-radiated Avengers,
Abomination & Leader himself). The green goliath wouldn't join the Earth's Mightiest, but Clint (Hawkeye)
will after the GW event.

There's also a chance that cartoon Sentry wouldn't be affected by the gamma radiation during the
two-parter eps in which he meet-up and team-up with Hawk & Hulk. 
More to come soon   

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