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Sooo glad people aren't forgetting about Kang. Though Ultron could offer a more dynamic villain storyline with his knowledge of technology, and our reliance on it. He could do anything from crashing planes, and hacking agencies, to building a robotic army, and turning every techmological device on earth into a weapon. The possibilities are endless story wise. He's much more fitting for this time period. Kang may be a bit too similar to Thanos to casuals. I do love Kang though, he should definitely be in guardians of the galaxy 2 or 3.

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Seige was a great story but it would involve a hell of a lot of characters which they wont have by that time. However it does tie in with Thor and Loki's relationship so that might be one for number three or four. Whedon said that he was saving Thanos til the endgame which might involve two films. I dont know how many he's planning to make but it could be as many as six if the actors are willing to go that far. That would take another ten or twelve years anyway and Downey isn't going to stick around that long and you know what Marvel is like for changing its creative teams. They might even pick someone to suddenlly replace Whedon if the next film doesn't succeed the first in terms of box office.

Otherwise, they're bringing Winter Soldier in, so there could be Civil War and the assassination of Captain America for number three, which would naturally bring about Fear Itself and by that time they could easily buy back Wolverine, Spiderman and FF etc. In the grand scheme of things, if they want the Avengers to succumb to inner turmoil before bringing about Thanos, they will take Civil War and Seige, at least the Superhuman Registration Act, fire Fury and Stark and bring down the HAMMER!

And for shits and giggles, Secret Invasion. It looks like it's all going to be between alien invasions and Asgardian issues from hereon in!

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Story lines I'd like to see made to the film Kree/Skrull war, Nefaria Protocol, "Whatever Gods there be", Under Siege, or Galactic Storm. As to superhero vs story lines I never liked those story lines there always done horribly keep them in video games.

#54 Posted by lorex (998 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultron could be a good foe but I think they would really need more than one movie to develop him as a threat unless they want to skip Hank Pymm creating him first. Also I think to do Ultron really well they would first have to introduce Hank Pymm and sell to everyone he is a 'Tony Stark' like genious so the movie going audience would believe he could create a AI like Ultron. Now I do think Kang could work on the big screen as well but I do think its the same with Ultron they would need more that one movie to provide some kind of background and properly sell Kang as a threat. I suppose in the 2nd and 3rd wave of Marvel movies Kang could be the man in the shadows pulling the strings leading to a confrontation in Avengers 3. Whoever they end up using I hope some time is taken to establish the threat first and there is is no jump tp the action.

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When I made this forum I forgot that Kang was a defendant of Cyclops from an alternate universe, therefore you would probably have to tie in the Avengers with x men for that to work. Just food for thought...

#57 Posted by EmperorJosh (104 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm sorry descendant of Reed Richards, not Cyclops

#58 Posted by tigerkaya (1393 posts) - - Show Bio

@emperorjosh: Thats not really a big of an issue. Where Kangs desencended from is rather minor through out his stories. The main focus has always been his drive and thirst for conquest.

#59 Posted by nappystr8 (1287 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the idea of Ultron or the Masters of Evil. Secret Invasion could also be cool.

#60 Posted by novi_homines (1432 posts) - - Show Bio

Now that I think about it, I want Secret Invasion. I think thats the best story they can pull off considering the characters that they have access to currently. Would be awesome.

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Kang he's been around as long as ultron and has been a pain in the Avengers butt. I feel they can do alot with Kang with all the time travel and what not. They can maybe do ultron too seeing they will be making an Ant-man movie so that could be a starting point for adding ultron into the avengers but I rather see Kang at the moment.

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I see everyone talking about the Secret Invasion, but I think that would be kinda dumb. Considering what they did in the first movie with the whole invasion/ war thing, dont you think it would be redundant for them to do the Secret Invasion? Besides, that affected the whole Marvel Universe. You would need to introduce Spider-Woman, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage among others. Personally, going with the Secret Invasion sounds stupid,.... to me at least.

#63 Posted by THORSON (3109 posts) - - Show Bio

ultron. do you have to ask?

if not then, bring on the KANG.

#64 Posted by THORSON (3109 posts) - - Show Bio

You know what would be cool is if deadpool or punisher made a short cameo but I think it could be Apocalypse or taskmaster

both are under fox.

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