THANOS/AVENGERS: Someone PLEASE explain this to me.

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On the last page of the most recent Avengers issue, Thanos reappears. HOW?! Did Bendis just bring him back because he could? We know that Thanos is trapped in the Cancerverse. Its like Bendis decided that everything in the Cosmic Universe never happened. That just really pisses me off. There must be some explanation. And all of a sudden, hes not this deep character anymore. Again he just wants the Infinity Gems. Its like there was no Cosmic Universe. BAH! Im so upset.

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Maybe it one of Thanos' clones

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@joshmightbe:  It better be.
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Vote with your wallet
If you don't like it then stop buying it
Bendis jammed Wolverine into Avengers without explanation, Wolverine sounds like a sissy hipster,  dialogue is typical Bendis dialogue nowadays. It's boring, everyone has the same voice...
Bendis tried to force everyone to eat. swallow and love the Sentry, it was one of the most ugly, uninteresting stories in comic book history. The Sentry Void stroies would flip from one week to the next, you never had any idea of his origins or powers, it was so wildy inconsistent fans describe the Sentry era as crack smoking silver age nonsense for the new generation
 Bendis wrote so many strange WTF!?!? completely out-of-character moments you felt like you were reading a 9 year-old kid's Marvel fan fiction based on his video-game-playing game experiences.
Bendis deconstructed JMS, this writer JMS had a very, very, very good run with Thor he built up Thor to classic levels and wrote a wonderful story where he built up Asgard like it was a story for an epic movie/tv series, as soon as Bendis gets his mits on Thor he blows everything JMS did to bits, he also turned the Asgardians into a bunch of weakass jobbers
  Bendis thought the whole Avengers thing was just really about Bullseye, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Goblin and Jessica Jones....the most screwed up teams ever.  House of Magnus who the hell is Magnus, were gonna find that Magnetic guy and instead .....wipe out all mutants that ever existed. So long continuity
 Bendis thinks Red Hulk is an Avengers and Thanos appears out of nowhere...perhaps to start jobbering like Darkseid or Thor
My explanation:
Plan Bendis basically just takes random characters from other books to increase the popularity of his own book, its fastfood popular junk instead of good home cooking.....he's like reality tv, or michael bay vs kurosawa
one is very popular but dumb, the other (not Bendis) is often times a very clever art form but low in popularity
he takes random characters because the buzz behind them might increase his  own sales, then when he gets bored of them he throws them away like an empty Fastfood bag
He admitted himself the reason he did secret invasion is because he opened the pages of Annihilation and thought Skrulls looked cool...he didn't even read the book, didn't bother with a plan or character development....just thought it would be cool and we've been putting up with the Bendis idea of cool and his buzz and marketing gimmicks for too many years now

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@joshmightbe said:
"Maybe it one of Thanos' clones "

  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If it is the real Thanos I'm betting that the explanation of how he escaped the cancerverse will have something to do with Starlord's cosmic cube.


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Thanos hasn't been deep for ages. DNA straight up admit to using him just because they wanted to do a Thanos story because they were big fans of the character. He hasn't really been organically used well since Annihilation. We are also dealing with artifacts and power which deal with reality warping and time travel, personally I wouldn't rule out anything. Hell according to Hulk book, Uatu is meant to be doing some crazy thing on the side as well, there are tons of discrepancies just like their were last decade and the decade before. More readers tend to pick up on it today, because more readers don't care about it by the same token, and their money power seems more potent. Since more readers don't care about it, I doubt it will change any time soon, and so I tend to personally judge the discrepancy at its own face value, rather than its actual occurrence. I also hope the dude that posted he was annoyed that Bendis would have the audacity to use the Infinite Gems without having Thanos appear is happy now lol, and hey, Thanos might do an Apocalypse and show up for half a issue and vamoose. I am not a big Bendis fan, so I don't expect too much. I'll wait for next issue to see whether his use of the Mad Titan is good or typical of Bendis or bad. I ain't really looking for an explanation myself though. Not unless something is specifically stated that contradicts something else. (Like if Thanos says he was just chilling fighting in Cancerverse and then he went and played some PS3 for a few years in continuity without anything warping that might legitimately have wiped out his entrapment in the C verse and all that) otherwise I think its a mistake to assume there isn't room for a no prize solution. 

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Wow dude wait for a freaking answer!
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all that matters is Bendis made you pick up his comic, so he wins

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