So no "Black" Panther, what about Falcon for Avengers sequel?

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I must say - I was excited when rumors were circulating about a Black Panther film being announced... But sadly enough, we were all wrong. Now that Marvel has just brought their dream team to the big screen, it would be more than wise/noticeable that by the time a sequel comes along, there would HAVE to be a new addition to the team by then - Hopefully everyone knows that there is a secret film to be released in 2014 - It's definitely not Ant-Man, because Kevin Feige keeps saying that they're "closer than ever to making it happen" when they aren't - But when people were saying that the "secret" film was going to be Black Panther, it was believable to me because I guess Marvel would want to "balance" the diversity within the movies, especially after the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage TV series was dropped last month... But that doesn't mean they're giving up - Marvel probably shouldn't of responded to the rumor about the secret film NOT being Black Panther - because now that's just raised more suspicions about which superhero will be in the NEW movie, and my only guess would be Falcon! He's a popular black superhero and not to mention cool - AND, for those of you that heard of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes being cancelled - The promo poster for the NEW animated series "Avengers Assemble" featured the same team lineup from the film (ugh), but Falcon is on it as well... I'm betting right now that Marvel is going to advertise Falcon as much as they can so audiences will be familiar with his face, so that HOPEFULLY - the secret film to be released in 2014 IS a Falcon film adaption (Don't bother mentioning I'm overreacting, I know).

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I want Vision.

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If its falcon I'm going to kill babies and then slash my wrists.........ok I not slash my wrists.....

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No Black Panther? That's ruined my life now.

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why do you have the Black in Black Panther in quotes?

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We were all wrong?

I see no facts here so I'm not quite sure why you are saying there is still no hope for it

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I don't see a link so I'm not seeing any facts here.

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i only see speculation in this thread. no facts.

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I'd honestly love to see a BP movie but never expect it to happen. The brief tv show was the best we could hope for I think.

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I reallyyyyyy don't think that Falcon would translate well to live media. He's on the verge of being a joke character in comics as is.

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Falcon is about as lame as characters within comic books come. I would rather see Stilt-Man as a new addition to the team before Falcon.

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I believe that the secret movie you are referring to will be Black Panther most likely. Throughout the Marvel Avengers movies that have come out in theatres>DVD, they have given many clues or as they call it "easter eggs" for future movies. If you watch in Iron Man 2 there was a scene where Tony Stark talks to Nick Fury in a room with screens that display a map, as well as, another screen that shows a live news feed of the Hulk going Green Ape Shit at the university. Anyways, on the map there were Mark areas on the maps. I can't guarantee that what i am saying is right, but the spots that are marked are, Atlantic Ocean (where Captain America was frozen), A spot where i can only think of it being Wakanda (Black Panthers home), Germany (Hydra and Captain?), An area in America where i think could be Virginia (Bruce Banner turned Hulk because General Ross attacked him), etc. Iunno if this is true but seeing the Black Panther would be straight-up badass. Its just a matter of whether they will cast him right.

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I'd like to see an Ultimate style falcon in the next captain america flick.

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I really liked Falcon in Brubaker's Captain America run. I'd rather see him in Avengers and T'Challa get a solo film.

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Why is there a quote around black?

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Why is there a quote around black?

my thoughts exactly.

and I'd like to see a movie about Ultimate Falcon...

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i think black panther will be kinda hard to translate to film, but marvel makes a black panther movie i will watch it.

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When I see Falcon alongside the other avengers in the promo image I can't help thinking that they just put him there to be the totem black guy. The problem with totem characters is that no matter how much you try, if they were placed there as such they'll always be seen like that.

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I can't see Falcon being a strong enough character to warrant his own movie. I could see him being in Captain America 2, but that's about it. I like Black Panther and he seems to go over well in the cartoon series, but I don't see them making a solo movie of that either. I think they are missing out by not going for another Hulk movie.

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Darn, I really wanted BP on the team.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Why is there a quote around black?

LOL, this.

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@CrimsonCake said:

I want Vision.

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@Nighthunter: You can say the same about DC using John Stewart as Green Lantern in the Justice League animated series. I will say that Marvel has made it pretty obvious that they're trying to diverse the show a bit - but critics are so sensitive when it comes to the "I don't see any black guy" thing...

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@venomoushatred1001: Yeah, sorry 'bout that - it was supposed to go around the word panther too - Wasn't mean't for anything racial, before an argument starts.

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Any particular reason your suggesting black characters?

The point about The Avengers cartoon having Falcon is interesting. I'm not really a Marvel fanboy, but I've never seen anything from Falcon which makes me interested in a stand alone movie (of course I would say the same thing about Hulk, so what do I know?).

I think it is more likely that Falcon might appear in Captain America 2. Didn't Cap partner with Falcon shortly after being unfrozen in the comics? It would be a sensible choice. It gives Cap a sidekick to interact with, and they might explore some interesting racial issues (probably not, but the potential is there).

If I had to put money on Falcon being used in a Marvel Movie, I'd go with Captain America.

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@Spectacular_Iceman said:

@venomoushatred1001: Yeah, sorry 'bout that - it was supposed to go around the word panther too - Wasn't mean't for anything racial, before an argument starts.

lol, of course it was meant to be racial and there's nothing wrong with that. Your whole post is about black characters being added to the marvel cinematic universe. For me the quotes just denoted/emphasized that black characters were going to be central to the post.

I'm not sure why others are so confused...

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@Onemoreposter: Didn't think about that... Lol

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@DeadpoolPT said:

No Black Panther? That's ruined my life now.


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@BlackArmor said:

@DeadpoolPT said:

No Black Panther? That's ruined my life now.

This........and why the hell is Black in parenthesis in the title?

Look four posts above yours.

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Falcon is nowhere near popular enough to warrant anything more than a cameo in an Avengers movie.

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@CrimsonCake said:

I want Vision.


Why is everyone making a big deal over BP? The only new recruits should be Dr Strange, Wasp, and Vision. But don't make Phil Coulson Vision.

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First they cancel Avengers, then they renew Ultimate Spider-man, and now no Black Panther (one of my favorite) in the Avengers movie. -__-
I don't want Falcon, put Wolverine. Best choice. Or Spider-Man.

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I hate how people say Marvel use Falcon and Luke Cage in the avengers comics just to diverse the team when in fact they're not the only ones - DC uses John Stewart to diverse the Justice League comics, now that's not to say I dis DC, I just think people should look at both companies and see that it's not they're fault for using random black characters when not needed - As one of the dudes mentioned before, people become super sensitive when comics don't have any black characters.

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Why are there quotation marks around the black in Black Panther??

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I personally don't mind Falcon, he's no bother to me in the comics...

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I want Luke Cage

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I'd say Vision or Spidey are the best bet.

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I have to say that of all the Marvel characters that have been on the Avengers, I would be shocked to see the Falcon get the nod for a movie. With the Black Panther, you get technology and mysticism, along with a bit of X-Men since he is married to Storm. But, the Falcon just doesn't play well because his exposure is almost nonexistent, other than the recent AEMH episode. The mostly likely choices would be: 1) Ant-Man and Wasp 2) Vision 3) Namor 4) She-Hulk 5) War Machine 6) Luke Cage 7) Hell, even Jarvis.

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