No Nathan Fillion for Avengers 2

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With a current TV show and his sci-fi community cred I don't think his Q score is the issue. Best guess is that the role of Pym was pretty much a glorified cameo and he just chose not to do it. From all I have read he and Whedon are pretty good friends, if Joss really wanted him involved I think he would do it.

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Aww man. Nathan Fillion would've been a great Pym. :( He definitely plays the quirkiness right in Firefly/Serenity and in Slither.

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Misleading title is misleading.  All he's saying is he doesn't believe he'd be a good pick for a movie as big as Marvel's The Avengers 2, he's not saying he's not in it.  I'm sure if Whedon approached him with a role of any kind he'd happily take it.  As for how great those odds are... well, none of us know since we're not friends with them :P

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How facetious.

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I'd personally prefer to see him in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star Lord, anyway.

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Whedon loves putting people he's worked with before in newer projects...we did see Enver Gjokaj who played Victor in Dollhouse in the Avengers...even if it was just a I'd say that if Whedon has his way then he'd get Fillion in a Marvel movie

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I don't understand. Was he expected to be in Avengers 2?

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@Gambit1024 said:

I don't understand. Was he expected to be in Avengers 2?

I don't even know. Maybe a janitor?

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@AweSam: Maybe a space ranger :/

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Fillion himself said he didn't want to play Ant-Man. Plus, the guy's busy with Castle.

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@ZombieBigfoot: Uh, yeah I know - that's why I posted this...

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@Tyrus: Misread the article thingy when I posted it.

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