NEW! Marvel Titles "Classified" sneek peek

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Avengers Babies vs. X-Men babies #1

Release Date:10/17/2012
By Skottie Young, Gurihiru


AVX: Consequences #1
Release Date:10/10/2012
By Kieron Gillen, Tom Raney


A Plus X #1
Release Date:10/31/2012
By Jeph Loeb, Dale Keown


Uncanny Avengers #1
[ Added ]
Release Date:10/10/2012
Cover Price:$3.99
A: Cassaday$3.99
B: Granov (1 in 75)$34.99
C: Acuna (1 in 50)$24.99
D: Young Baby$3.99
E: TBA (1 in 100)$49.99
F: TBA2$3.99
G: Cassaday Sketch (1 in 300)$149.99
H: TBA Sketch (1 in 200)$99.99
I: Deadpool Call Me Maybe$3.99
J: Uncanny$3.99
K: Avengers$3.99
L: Blank$3.99
By Rick Remender, John Cassaday

THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here! From the ashes of AvX an all-new, all-different Avengers assemble! Dive headfirst into Marvel NOW! as the superstar dream team of Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Venom) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America) deliver high stakes action in UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 - sporting a jaw-dropping cover by Cassaday! No fan can miss the blockbuster debut of an all-new Avengers team featuring members from all across the Marvel Universe...a team uniting Avenger and X-Man alike! Captain America begins his quest to create a sanctioned Avengers unit comprised of Avengers and X-Men, humans and mutants working together - so why is Professor Xavier's dream more at risk than ever? The funeral of one of Marvel's greatest heroes! The first attack of the most loathsome villain in history will quake the Marvel Universe forever! But following the devastating events of Avengers VS X-Men, can Captain America pull together a team that can get along for its first mission?

Minimum Carnage Alpha #1
Release Date:10/3/2012
Cover Price:$3.99
A: Regular$3.99
B: Bagley (1 in 25)$9.99
By Christopher Yost, Lan Medina


Wolverine MAX #1
Release Date:10/3/2012
Cover Price:$3.99
A: Jock$3.99
B: Variant (1 in 20)$5.99
By Jason Starr, Connor Willumson
Mature Readers

ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES! Your favorite X-Man done the way you wanted to see him - in a no-holds-barred MAX series! Written by award-winning crime novelist Jason Starr (PUNISHER MAX, The Chill) In modern-day Tokyo, Logan gets pulled into a terrorist's plot...or was he the target all along? A new look at Wolverine's past!

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Minimum Carnage and Wolverine because I want them.

Uncanny Avengers just to have the #1.

Marvel now is looking worse and worse.

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seriously MARVEL? more avengers and Xmen? God Damn it.

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The Avengers and X Men babies looks interesting, but other than that, all I'm seeing is more Avenger and X-Men titles.

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Sorry I posted this forum twice. I put it in the wrong spot then could'nt delete it.

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WOW.......well put your head between your knees and kiss your bums goodbye.

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all are 3.99 wow marvel, most of DC's books are 2.99

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@ratman19 said:

all are 3.99 wow marvel, most of DC's books are 2.99

They'd sell out if they returned to 25 cents.

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Both handled by Jeph Loeb and Brian Michael Bendis, if I recall.

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@Rabbitearsblog said:

The Avengers and X Men babies looks interesting, but other than that, all I'm seeing is more Avenger and X-Men titles.

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