New Avengers, Secret Avengers AND Dark Avengers!?

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Can someone tell me why and how these teams still exist when Siege is over(Dark Avengers), the Civil War is over(Secret Avengers) and the point of New Avengers since the original Avengers team got back together? It confuses me every week when I see a new issue for each of em.

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Dark Avengers is cancelled.

Secret Avengers isn't related to Civil War.

New Avengers isn't New Avengers.

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Secret Avengers is a new SHIELD based team that is running missions so secret that the heroes' minds are wiped during and after each mission.

New Avengers is now comprised of the Illuminati. It's probably called New Avengers because that would sell better than Illuminati or anything that did not have Avengers in the title. Plus it goes hand in hand with the Avengers series so it makes sense it would have some sort of Avengers title. They don't call each other 'New Avengers'

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@X35: I thought Captain America formed the Secret Avengers due to the Civil War. Ill check their wiki page, i guess

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@TheMarvelFanboy said:

@X35: I thought Captain America formed the Secret Avengers due to the Civil War. Ill check their wiki page, i guess

Those were the first secret Avengers. That's basically what they called themselves when they were operating in secret. The book secret Avengers was made to have a secret covert ops team of Avengers but it ended recently. The current Secret Avengers book is a SHIELD team.

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I suppose the one sentence version is Marvel likes to use the name Avengers to increase the amount of attention a book receives and drive sales and that the actual team in the book doesn't really matter as long as they can make even the most tenuous connection.

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New Avengers is the Illuminati. Not really a team nor do they shout Avengers Assmeble

Secret Avengers is the SHEILD Book. Run by SHEILD focused on Nick Fury jr. Coulson and Hill.

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