New 'Avengers' Movie Promo Art And Videos

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Urban warzones: the perfect places for a posedown.

I kind of figured that last summer’s year-in-advance promo campaigns for THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA would be precedent-setting, mini game-changers. Usually, your first glimpses of heroes in costume would come in the form of, you know, an actual publicity photo. But we live in savvier times, today. Inside-ball is the same as regular ball, and now we’re seeing conceptual art being used as the first promotional material for a flick like THE AVENGERS. An official preview for a preview, as it were.

We’ve seen plenty of art of the team already, so there ain’t too many surprises here, but this is the first one that, for my money, looks like a proper double-spread cover for a #1 issue. I might say that it also gives us a pretty clear hint that we’ll be seeing some urban action in the movie but, considering that steady stream of on-set spy photography, we all knew that was coming anyway.

The spread’s come our way via Joblo, and Daily Blam’s found this additional promo art of Nick Fury which seems assuredly destined for trading cards and posters next spring...

== TEASER ==

And if these weren’t enough to satiate your appetite for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Collider’s also grabbed a couple videos out of the THOR Blu-Ray’s extra feature videos. The video with Whedon and his gang talking about AVENGERS seems like a pretty standard EPK, but it does remind you how impressively big this whole project’s going to be. His claim of it being an unprecedented movie endeavor isn’t the usual spin exaggeration. Honestly, the closest thing to come to it might be ALIEN VS. PREDATOR or FREDDY VS. JASON, and those only came about half way to this, right?

There’s also the full version of the cute “One-Shot” starring SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson which is meant to solidify the glue connecting all these flicks together, but surprisingly plays like a scene from an Aaron Sorkin show. I can say that Stark’s cameo in INCREDIBLE HULK makes a whole lot more sense to me, now.

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Hulk looks great!

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
Hulk looks great!
he looked better in Incredible Hulk ) :
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Hell yeah!

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
@Mr. Dead Pool said:
Hulk looks great!
he looked better in Incredible Hulk ) :
You say potato I say potawto. Come to think of it who says potawto? No one says potawto! 
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-Captain America

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Is Hawkeye a lefty?

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hawkeye looks sweet, and please, and place is great for a pose down

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@Saint_Michael said:

Is Hawkeye a lefty?

Jeremy Renner the actor is left handed.

The Hurt Locker
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I love it! I love it! I love it! Just watching these promos get me excited for the movie premier.

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wake me up in 2012 after this movie has LEFT theaters. 

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This movie looks amazing, i just wish the spy photos would stop, it kind of ruins the movie. This stuff is awesome, they all look great, but those spy photos are stupid.
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You know what would make this image better? More females....! lol
Very excited nonetheless

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@mikeclark1982: Not looking forward to the Avengers???
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Black Widow looks like she's fist pumping

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I miss Iron Man's triangle-chest armor from Iron Man 2.

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Whats wierd is that in the trailer for avengers he has the triangle but in all the art he has the circle. Pretty strange.
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i hope to God that the story is going to be amazing!!!

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No Giant man, or wasp? Aw, oh well.

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In Joss We Trust, and oh my has he delivered thus far.

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@_Marco_Smith_ said:
No Giant man, or wasp? Aw, oh well.
they're confirmed for the sequel though. Might even get their own film...
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Nick Fury looks badass, He should have his own movie. 

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I can not wait until this movie cames out!! Just the idea of seeing all these characters on the screen together is awesome, especially after all the years of talk for the Avengers & JLA to come to the big screen. Looks like Marvel beat  DC to the punch on that one. Don't let us down Josh!

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That Nick Fury image is bad ass! The other one looks rather campy but I'm still excited as all hell for the film!

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I agree w/you 100%.  I don't understand why anyone would want to see anything that would spoil this or any other comic movie before it's anywhere near ready for release.
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@1fearless1 said:
Me too
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The Avengers are finally coming to life now :D

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Great to see it all coming together

#29 Posted by Duncan (11477 posts) - - Show Bio

So he's going to stick to the circle. Kinda weird but okay.

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I'm excited! Although, if Giant Man and Wasp would've been in this roster we could've named the movie The Ultimates!

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Sweet, very sweet ...

#32 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

hmm scarlett johanson

#33 Posted by JCJQLB (2933 posts) - - Show Bio

Love it!

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: So very true. I am disappointed Edward Norton isn't returning. The Incredible Hulk was excellent.
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Wait, what's up with the silver on Iron Man's armor? The rest of the costumes look great, but...

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THAT IS THE COOLEST SH*T EVER. Every character there looks amazing especially Iron Man. I sure do hope the movie lives up to it expectations! Oh and Scarlett... nice---- everything.

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@pspin said:
This movie looks amazing, i just wish the spy photos would stop, it kind of ruins the movie. This stuff is awesome, they all look great, but those spy photos are stupid.
no one said you had to look at them.
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@sora_thekey said:

I'm excited! Although, if Giant Man and Wasp would've been in this roster we could've named the movie The Ultimates!

but then i would have to kill you all...........
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I'm just glad ant-Man and Wasp AREN'T in this. I wasn't all that fond of them.

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I have to admit, all they need to do is make this Hulk's hair like 3 inches longer and he'll be PERFECT.

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I really like the picture but im still upset that for the first Avengers movie, were getting BLACK WIDOW as the sole female instead of WASP or SCARLET WITCH.
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He is such a good hand

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