My Review: Earths mightiest heroes 201 Private War of Dr Doom

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I'm super disappointed, is this the same show as last year? I can't even tell. They did so much justice to the characters in season one and now I can't even tell who they are anymore. First of all, Black Panther treat level medium? Really, one of the top ten smartest guys on the planet with access to the most advanced technology and has the fighting ability to rival anyone is only a medium threat? Ok Doom chic-bot, whatever you say. She then complains to Doom that the Avengers may stand in the way of their plans and his best line is, "destroy them"? Really, I think Doom knows that’s not even really possible and I just don't see him resorting to this kind of hyperbole, seems out of character.

Where is the full Avengers theme song? Full disclosure, I kind of hated it at first, I'm more of a hip hop guy (although lets not forget how dangerous it is to cross hip hop with The Avengers but I have to admit the theme song grew on me and I was actually getting excited to sing along with those indie-rock puffs only to have some douchebag’s mumble crap about crap. Not cool.

I don’t get this ridiculous physical rivalry between Ben and The Hulk. They see each other and then they just start fighting? Oh yea and T’Challa, Steve, and all them just sitting there in their costumes playing cards is totally normal. Maybe I’m just spoiled from watching Young Justice were characters on the show are actually also human beings.

The action scenes were all done fairly decently; of course T’Challa is only one to figure out the attack is a set-up. Back in Latveria Doom and Janet trade quips. Doom says something smart about something adding up to exactly less than nothing. Burn. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four attack Doom’s crib and T’Challa rips Doom’s robogirl’s guts out. What was that about threat level medium again? Oh yea right. Doom showboats a little bit by single handily defeating all the heroes. Wasp gets freed and instantly wants to die but gets saved by Black Panther, obviously the most competent member of The Avengers. Tony reacts to getting beat exactly like a third grader would and breaks one of Doom’s toys before he marches off. Back at the heroes HQ Johnny Storm somehow thinks they won the battle, because he’s an idiot.

The big reveal at the end clears up most of the confusion for the audience from a storytelling perspective. The bigger picture is fleshed out but that doesn’t make up for the gross neglect of character that was displayed throughout the show. Maybe I need to watch season one over again, was it not as good as I remember it?

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