My Avengers Dream Team

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Iron Man

Iron Man’s suit of armor and all that comes with it factors into my decision to keep him on the team, but mostly? He’s Tony Freaking Stark. He’s got the brains to design weapons and gadgets and anything the Avengers would ever need, and he has the money to manufacture all of it. The Avengers have the use of his mansion, and Stark generously covers the expense of any damages they incur while maintaining justice.

And though not being on the Avengers team doesn’t mean you’re automatically against them, I wouldn’t want to risk Iron Man siding with anyone else. His protective shell means he is willing to throw himself into fights head first (and maybe a little recklessly), but his rashness gives the rest of the team a chance to figure out a plan of attack.

The Hulk

Is this even a conversation? He’s the Hulk. Sure, he’s unstable, uncontrollable, and wildly unpredictable. Some of the best people are. In this case, that person / creature just so happens to be someone who is a force of nature. Hulk gets included just because of raw power. No other Avenger is able to wreck the entirety of a few blocks with just a few footsteps. He’s dangerous, but I think it’s a worthy risk.


I know, the Wasp doesn’t seem like an obvious choice. In the beginning, she had a difficult time finding her place and actually being a contributing member of the team. She gets there though. Her ability to change size is incredibly useful. In tiny Wasp form, she can get to many places that the Avengers can’t (like the ear canal I referenced earlier this month) because of her size and mighty wings.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch was another must-have for me. I can’t say that I’ve found a lot about her character to be endearing so far, but I have to note her helpfulness. On more than one occasion a member of the Avengers points out that only Scarlet Witch’s hex stopped whichever villain is at hand. Her skills with hexes (they alter probability to the disadvantage of enemies) are unique. No other hero quite has anything like it, and therefore she can make a difference where brute strength cannot. And, she has a pretty fantastic costume.


Besides the fact that I consider Scarlet Witch and Vision a pair which shouldn’t be separated, he brings powerful abilities. He can manipulate his density to suit the situation and foe. It’s handy to be either as lightweight as a ghost or as tough as a diamond. He’s almost invulnerable. I mean, besides being able to withstand punches he can phase between different densities to fool enemies.

He’s also on the list for his lack of pesky human emotion. Humans can try to be objective, but they ultimately fail. Even the super ones. In situations where hundreds of thousands of lives or entire planets are at a stake, I think there needs to be a walking computer (it feels rude to call him that, but he can process calculations at amazing speed) around to present the cold hard facts. Someone needs to be able to talk numbers and not feelings.


had trouble settling on the final spot. I was torn between Hawkeye and Thor. Hawkeye is an unparalleled marksman, but Thor and his fancy hammer win. Mjolnir isn’t just a blunt weapon to hit someone over the head with. It can be used that way – and it has – its crushing force is deadly. Thor can use the combination of his strength and Mjolnir to take down enemies single-handedly.

He can also use the hammer to focus his ability to summon the elements of the storms which are at his fingertips. He can pair the hammer with his superhuman strength and reflexes and use it to deflect bullets from himself and other team members. Finally, not just anyone is capable of wielding the hammer. That built in security measure gets extra points, too.

Anyone who knows me realizes it was difficult for me to leave Captain America off the list (especially after I swiped his rules!). He does have impressive skills, but since I was playing the strategy game of trying to cover all the bases of strength and smarts, I had to choose Thor over him. No one tell him.

Who would you include in your dream team of six Avengers?

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Captain America- Leader

Iron man- Deputy leader,Tech

Hank Pym-Tech



Captain Marvel(Carol)- Powerhouse

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To me Hulk shouldn't be on a dream team. Because he's appeared in and out, but overall he doesn't really have an interest with them. And Hulk truly shines as a solo character.

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@jj62: Can you please show me who should be on the dream team then if you don't want Hulk on their?

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@jj62 said:

To me Hulk shouldn't be on a dream team. Because he's appeared in and out, but overall he doesn't really have an interest with them. And Hulk truly shines as a solo character.

I personally agree that Hulk works better outside (or, maybe as a reserve member) of the Avengers; to me he just never makes sense as a member for any extended period of time.

But I do think that for a "dream team", which by it's very nature is a matter of personal preference, any character should be acceptable. :)

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Mine would probably be:

  1. The Vision
  2. Nova
  3. Wonder Man
  4. Yellowjacket
  5. Iron Fist
  6. Captain Marvel
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My Avengers Dream Team is as follows:

Captain America (this is an obvious choice)

Thor (also goes without saying)

Iron Man (someone has to fund them)

Spider-Man (the peter parker verison. he's the everyman superhero)

Black Panther (because he's awesome)

Luke Cage (he'll keep everyone grounded)

Captain Marvel (she's a dynamic powerhouse)

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My Avengers Dream Team is as follows:

Captain America (this is an obvious choice)

Thor (also goes without saying)

Iron Man (someone has to fund them)

Spider-Man (the peter parker verison. he's the everyman superhero)

Black Panther (because he's awesome)

Luke Cage (he'll keep everyone grounded)

Captain Marvel (she's a dynamic powerhouse)

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Here's my six

Captain America

Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)


Scarlet Witch


Iron Man

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Captain America

Iron Man


Captain Marvel

Black Panther


Spider Man (Peter)

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Avengers: Black

Winter Soldier

War Machine

Captain Marvel (Danvers)

the Vision

Black Panther (Shuri)

Venom (Thompson)

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My Avengers:
1.) Captain America
2.) Iron Man
3.) Ms. Marvel
4.) Spider-Man
5.) Thor
6.) Black Widow
7.) The Hulk
8.) The Wasp
9.) Ant-Man (Pym)
10.) Hawkeye
11.) The Vision
12.) Black Panther

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powerhouse team

silver surfer


beta bill



captain marvell

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1: Hulk

2: Thor

3: Spider-Man

4: Wolverine

5: Iron-Man

6: Captain America

Lots of star power.

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My team

Monica Reambeau


Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel ( Carol Danvers)

She Hulk


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darkened street avengers team


ghost rider



cloak and dagger



luke cage & iron fist


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~ My Dream Team ~

> Thor

> Iron Man

> Captain America

> Scarlet Witch

> Quicksilver

> Vision

I could put more but decided I'll end it with 6 members.

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Captain America



Monica Rambeau

Black Panther


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Leader-Captian America


Iron man

Black Widow


Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel (leader)

Iron Man


Captain America

Monica Rambeau


Black Widow


Black Panther


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Ms Marvel, Scarlet Witch, She Hulk, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Wasp

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Field Leader- Ms. Marvel. She is the total package. Flight. Energy absorption/ projection. Super strength/durability.

Strategist- Black Panther. Highly intelligent. Insane gear. Agility/ fighting skills. My favorite Avenger.

Tank- The Hulk. Pure rage and strength like none other. He gets it done.

Tank 2- Vision. Density control is an awesome power. Nuff said.

Escape Artist. Black Widow. Perfect for stealth missions and extractions.

Sniper- Hawkeye. My second favorite Avenger. His trick arrows are useful and his accuracy is ridiculous.

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Iron Man

The Vision

Captain Marvel

Iron Fist

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iron man



scarlet witch

blue marvel

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Hmmmm, I like....

1. Captain America - Leader

2. Thor - Powerhouse

3. Iron Man - Tech and resources

4. Beast - Unique power-set and loved him as an avenger

5. Scarlet Witch - Always interesting.

6.Vision - The ultimate avenger to me, and loved him and Wanda's story.

7. Hank Pym as Giant-Man/AntMan - I always hated how he's got kinda shafted over the years. The guy is an original member and lead the team after the big boys left. Brilliant, powerful and deserves a respectful treatment.

I think the personalities, dynamics and power-sets and experience of these 7 would make for interesting stories and truly be the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"!

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ghost rider

captain america



iron man

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Captain America - always the leader

Thor - maybe the greatest Avenger

Hulk - my favorite (Hulk strong, Banner smart)

Iron Man - smart and rich

Beast - very good all around (strong, agile, smart, funny, and furry)

Black Widow - covert ops, good marksmen, smart, and hot

Vision - very powerful and unique power set

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Captain America-Field Leader

Iron Man-Team Chairman, Team Engineer

Thor-Team Powerhouse

Ms.Marvel-Deputy Leader

Giant-Man-Chief Science Officer

Wasp-Team Spokesperson

Hawkeye-S.H.I.E.L.D liason, Team marksman

Black Widow-S.H.I.E.L.D liason, Stealth Ops

Hulk-Team Tank

Black Panther-Strategist, Funding

Vision-Team Administrator, Intel

Scarlet Witch-Magic Expert

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Dream team would be:





Cyclops (not an avenger but still)


Maybe not the greatest combination of powers but definitely a team of earths mightiest heroes I'd want to read about.

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My team (its a little big but...)

1) Captain America-Field Leader

2) Iron Man-Team Chairman and primary supplier

3) Thor-Most physically powerful member of the team

4) Black Widow-Infiltrations expert

5) Scarlet Witch-Magic user and mystic link (and technically the most powerful member of the team)

6) Hawkeye-"Sniper"

7) Wasp/Giant Girl-Team Face and heart

9) Antman (Pym)-Primary scientist and brain power

10) Mockingbird-SHIELD Liaison and a field medic

11) Mantis-Martial Arts expert and team psychic

12) Black Panther-Team strategist and secondary supplier

13) Vision-Team Wild Card

14) Devil Dinosaur-Team Ace in the Hole ("Let them fight!")

15) Spider Woman (Earth 1610)-Cheeky way to have Spider-Man on the team without taking Spidey out of his street level status

16) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)-Second in Command after Cap

17) Falcon-Team Scout

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The Avengers now have become so big that I broke my teams up....

Avengers- Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Ms.Marvel, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Vision.

Secret Avengers- Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spiderwoman, Songbird, Winter Soldier, Daisy Johnson, War Machine.

Mighty Avengers (street team)- Luke Cage, Falcon, Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Cloak, Dagger. (also I debate with myself about this all the time but for a real street of the people feel, characters like Daredevil and Spiderman actually fit the bill and could be fun with the others. Also featuring or teaming up frequently with the Fantastic Four would add to that family feel.)

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