Mighty Avengers

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anyone read Mighty Avengers #1? I loved it...

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It was great. Glad to see the Avengers back in shape.

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nope, not actually picked it up yet... any good?


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Check G-Man's summary of it.

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hmmm... might have to take a look then....

run down of the main characters?


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cool, thanks for the heads up on a cool new book :)

my wallet aches already lol


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I thought it was interesting how Bendis is trying to bring back the thought balloons. It was almost a bit much but you get to read what they're thinking also. So weird how they stopped using them. I always thought it was silly how characters would "talk" to themselves. I say more comics should have word balloons. Just maybe not so much.

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I thought it was great, but the end was......... odd, to say the least.

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I was asked to join but i said i work alone.lol

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"I was asked to join but i said i work alone.lol"

........alrighty then........

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Hey Gambler, here's your ass. You laughed it off back there, and I tripped over it.

hands Gambler his backside

You might want to work on that, it's getting a little flabby. I'm gonna go wash my hands now.

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i think the thought bubbles added comic relief....but hey what do i know.

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I really enjoy BMB's writing style. I love the way he shows what the characters are thinking, even in the midst of battle. It ads a great human quality to the characters and humour as well.

Not to mention the amazing art.

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Apparently you're not the only one who thinks well of BMB, How many titles do they have him working on now? There's New/Mighty Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man...

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it's high time for earth's mightiest to come back as a decent hero team!

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Hey, whatcha wanna bet that the Mighty and New Avengers come together, or at least stop trying to kill each other and work together every now and then?

Mighty Avengers seem more like the classic avengers (minus Cap), I'm not sure if the New Avengers can even be called Avengers (has any of their roster ever been on the team before?)

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I think that the Mighty and New Avengers will all come together to help stop the Secret Invasion. Call it a hunch.

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THe only new Avenger that should be on the Avengers is Spider-woman, she is on th eMighty Avengers. The rest are solo characters and basicly have their own titles. The Mighty Avengers need to get rid of Sentry and Ares, they are just terrible and shallow weak characters. They are more ridiculous attempts of the weak minds at Marvel trying to create new characters to replace the ones they depower or kill off. These new Avengers story's and writers don't compare to 90% of the past issue before Bendis. The Mighty Avengers still may have a chance if they dump Sentry and Ares, kill off this Idoit Iron Man they created, and bring Cap(orginal) and Hwakeye to the Team. Ms. Marvel, WAsp, Old Iron Man, Black Widow are okay. I was never a big fan of Wonder Man, he hasn't had a good costume since he was a villian.

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What makes you think Bendis is a bad writer? I love how Mighty and New Avengers play off of one another, Ares inadvertently provides comic relief Sentry is needed for his power, and I thought it was about time for some new characters to be in the Avengers' spotlight.

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JessMix says:

"anyone read Mighty Avengers #1? I loved it..."

i did,and i liked it

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First, you have to understand Avengers are my favorite team. I have every issue in volume 1 except 17 issues, all of vol. 2, and vol. 3. I am a continuity fan in comics. Bendis brought the downfall of the Avenger with the disassemble story and civil war. My opinion is he did stick with the friendship/bonds that the characters had built up over years. He killed Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Vision, basically Scarlet Witch. He turned Iron Man into a villian. The Avengers as a group were very a tight group throughout the years and they wouldn't turn on each other like that. Wolverine would never have become an Avenger and that whole new lineup was just to put all Marvel's new top selling characters into one group like the Justice League. How much more Wolverine do we need, every x-men book, his own title, it is overkill. As to Ares and Sentry, you could put Thor or Herc on the team. Bring Captain Marvel back earlier. Ares was actually a villian of the Avengers. I thought volume 3 was going great before Bendis took over, although they were beating the cramp morally out of Hank Pym.

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Okay, I can see how Bendis might anger a long-time Avengers fan, I only got on-board when the New Avengers got together, so I'm in no position to argue with you. However, in my humble opinion, the Avengers are now a more interesting read, maybe not a better read, but more interesting.

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They created K.B. when Bendis wrote the REAL HAWKEYE out of the story. Scott Lang, Ant-Man, was killed by Vision. I now that they brought a version of Vision back. Iron Man was turned into a villian because if he wouldn't have wanted to control the world, Civil War and Cap's death wouldn't have happen. The way Marvel is now you can burn all the comics made before 2002 or so because they really don't matter. That my be fine for some fans but history is important to me and you shouldn't ignore or write it off. Ares and Sentry are just mindless characters and aren't fit to be Avengers. I am Old school Avengers/comics, where you have character and fan loyalty and that does not exist at Marvel today. If you don't beleive me read Bendis responses to Avengers fans after he toke over in the back of those issues. He basically said if you don't like what I am doing tough! In not so kind words!

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W8 a minute Kate Bishop was there before Hawkeye died. Vision is also still around as is proved by his interaction with his half-brother Victor.

Besides both of them rock.

I started around the disassembled works soo that would have been around the #500 and picked up every single issue since well into civil war. I always felt the Avengers were kind of team huggy happy endings until BMB started. I agree with Colt on his assessment of the characters Wanda was going to go nuts. Scott Lang ..... seriously, It had to happen.

The New Avengers is a good read it sucked thou that CW came about so fast that the new team didn't even really got going well. Yes wolverine annoyed me too but he wasn't in it that often.

I don't think BMB flipped of the Old school fans of the Avengers Nor did he made Ironman a bad guy cause Ironman isn't a bad guy. pick up the what if series of Civil War and you will get what happened or read CW frontline all 7 issues to understand what all was going on. Besides you being an avid old school Avenger would know that Tony has always been questionable in his actions I mean wasn't he the one who made them governing body and worked with the government. it was all his effort to avoid a stamford from happening and eventually bring about the registration act which did happen and when it couldn't be avoided he tried to reign it in. did he fuck over a number of people in doing it yes. should he have tried a bit harder to have his friends understand why he was doing what he was doing. Rodgers might still be alive but that isn't a guarantee as both Rodgers and Stark have fundamental views which stand oppose each other. You know this

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Post Deleted.

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C.P., that is just your opinion and it is one I don't agree with. We, both, have different philosophies regarding the Avengers and they are at different ends of the spectrum. You probably like the direction Marvel is taking with their characters and comics, I don't. When a character's storys aren't good, you bring in a writer to write good storys. Every character in every comic book in history has had bad issue runs. If the writer has limited ability, he takes the easy way out and kills the character off and starts from scratch, that makes writing the story easy. Ares isn't mindless aren't you ready the current issues. You don't even know if Ares is real or another clone like the Thor Clone. Yes, vision is an andriod and if you ever read his first appearance in Avengers it was one of the greatest stories ever. Cap surrender so no one else would get hurt in the civil war and to blame him for his death is assinine. Stark was the one hiring villians and making clones of heroes to hunt down heroes, who didn't want to give up their secret identity, dead or alive. Lucky at this moment this is still a free country and we all have a right to our opinions yours and mine. You can keep yours and I'll keep mine, I thought Marvel was a better company when every story arc didn't have to be the one to end all.

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How do you guys think Slott will do?

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I hate Dan Slott.

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Why?  I love his stuff!

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Slott alone actually makes me think of buying it, with Bendis gone and an avengers feel back to the book is hard to resist

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I know!  I think Slott will be great!

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Mr. Wilson said:
"Why?  I love his stuff!"
He always depowers the Avengers.
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Vance Astro said:
"I hate Dan Slott."
and yet you read the initiative....
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Nighthunter said:
"Vance Astro said:
"I hate Dan Slott."
and yet you read the initiative...."
I like Initiative because they don't have anyone overpowered that they have to dumb down.He doesn't know how to deal with certain characters.Read his She-Hulk..you'll get what I mean.
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I haven't read his She-Hulk but his Initiative and Spider-Man are great so I think he'll do good on this job.

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Captain America

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sonofhercules95 said:
She only appears in Captain America.She's Bucky's girl.

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